Trump's options on North Korea going from bad to worse


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Trump and his administration have NO IDEA what to do ... they are nothing but businessmen, unqualified for governing and completely inexperienced.

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North Korea is not a threat to the US. If he used nuclear weapons against Guam or any other US territory or state, he should expect an immediate nuclear response. The "mutually assured destruction" that prevented the Cold War from turning hot is in the case of NK not even mutual. Only one side would be totally destroyed.

However, the first and most important voice in the matter of dealing with NK should be from the South Koreans, who have the most to lose from a war, and who have stated that they do not want a military option at this time. Trump's refusal to listen to South Korea is frustrating. Also, the Japanese, who have much more to lose than the US from a NK nuclear strike, should be listened to very closely in this matter. The bottom line is that the US has up to now guaranteed the safety of SK and Japan. Perhaps it is time for China and Russia to join the other powers in the region in telling NK that its current policy is not what is wanted. While the destruction of NK in the event they start a nuclear war is 100% guaranteed, no one wants to see a war start at all, except perhaps Trump.

Regarding Trump, how much of a businessman is he, really? Without the many hundreds of millions of dollars that Putin has funneled into Trump's bank accounts since 2004, Trump would be broke. He is not only an incompetent businessman, he is corrupt, and a traitor. Putin has even funneled hundreds of millions of dollars into Kushner's bank accounts, so there is no reason to expect him to act as a balancing power to his father-in-law.

A modern aircraft carrier costs many billions of dollars, but for much less than the price of a single carrier, Putin has succeeded in completely undermining the American government. A very smart investment by Putin, with terrible consequences for the world. Trump has pulled the US from the Paris climate accords, threatens to destroy the American medical system, wants to weaken progressive taxation even more, and now talks about starting another pre-emptive war, one that may kill tens of millions of people.

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