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Trump backed off on Iran last time -- but will he again?

By Sebastian Smith

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I think Trump is trying to use Israel as a proxy to fight Iran. It is their neighborhood.

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Trump the Chump is being the snotnose juvenile bully again.

'I'm, going to beat your buuuuuut.......'

Yeah, Quisling Don. Are you going to obey Putin's command and drop bombs on an empty airfield like you did in Syria? Are you?

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Trump is trying to keep America out further wars, but he has the problem of antagonists in both Iran and the Taliban that seem to like pushing their luck - what the West doesn't really know is what is the quality of Iran's military.

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The Saudis need to allow an impartial team of inspectors to view the material it claims came from the attack, and to independently determine its provenance. Neither the US nor the Saudis can be trusted, and the motivation for Iran to stage such an attack is far from clear. Houti rebels have repeatedly claimed responsibility for the attack.

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