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Trump could easily erase much of Obama's foreign policy legacy


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That's good, right?

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Trump could easily erase much of Obama's foreign policy legacy

That's the price Obama will pay for starting out his presidency by never trying to gain any Republican votes for a health care law affecting one sixth of the US economy. If Trump only lasts one term but dismantles all Obama's executive orders, get's the border under control, selects at least two supreme court justices, and ferrets out Democrat activists from the IRS, DOJ, and the EPA his time in office will have been a massive success.

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"convenient" now means the same as "unconstitutional" "illegal", even courts packed with Democrats from Clinton's administration are throwing out the "I have pen" extralegal executive orders. The rest go on January 21.

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Forget about Obama's legacy. Trump could easily erase the WORLD !

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....never trying to gain any Republican votes ....

Oh, the irony. Obama never agreed with sequestration, interfering as it did with his stimulus plans, but once it became the law of the land, he stood by it.

Now, even before Trump is inaugurated, all of those spending restraints are being tossed out the window. Of course, there will be spending cuts, all concentrated on social programs so that the Navy can have new ships it neither needs nor wants and has no long-term funding to staff.

Even at this early date, Trump seems intent on running America like he did his casinos.

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I think we have to step back and take a look at how Trump was elected. Had Obama been doing such a good job for the last 8 years, Trump would never have become the republican candidate. You can argue that Obama has had his hands tied by congress, but then you would have to ask yourself how it is the republicans came to hold the majority. And even during Tuesday's election, the republicans managed to keep their majorities in both houses. Not long that, but the republicans added governorships, and took over a great deal of the city halls, county offices, and state legislatures throughout the country. The republican party has never staged an onslaught such as occurred last week. And this did(t happen because people thought Obama was doing a good job, or that they liked his policies.

If Hillary had won, what would she have been able to accomplish? She would have no control over either house of congress, who would have to approve her nominations. The congress had no love for Hillary, and don't doubt that they wouldn't launch further inquiries into her emails, and into the Clinton Foundation (which is still under investigation by no less than 5 FBI field offices). Hillary would likely have been a lame duck from the moment of her inauguration, and it't not farfetched to say that she would face impeachment for one scandal or another (which follow the Clintons like hungry wolves).

I don't doubt that Trump will dismantle much of what Obama has done, he has no love for the soon-to-be-former president. But Obamacare is already falling in shambles, Iran is already violating parts of the treaty they made with Obama, and Obama's "Dream Act" is certainly doomed.

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Let's recap that Obama foreign policy legacy this article is glossing over.

Obama started, Arab spring wars which resulted in terror groups, taking over multiple countries. Those terror groups are now invading Europe assaulting and raping across that continent and world wide these same groups, are committing extreme acts of terror, including the US. All if this topped off with these Obama backed terror groups in power started, a real open rape slave industry where women are being sold at auction.

Obama's policy opened the door to Russia invading the ukraine and Syria and for the first time since the cold war ended in the 80s , Russia is, sabre rattling with giant nukes at the, USA.

Obama also pulled out of Iraq enough to allow Iran to effectively take over and worked out a real which Iran not only gets to build nukes, Obama has been sending them billions of dollars to fund it all.

And all through out Obama has helped violent psych regimes like Cuba or Venezuela or similar places.

Obama basically helped Communist and Islamic tyranny around, the, world while leaving our allies wondering if the, USA is still here to help protect the world from those tyrannies.

Yeah that is some legacy, would want to reverse that.

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