Trump emergency declaration faces uncertain fate in coming court fight


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It should be in front of SCOTUS before the end of this year. So, construction on the yuge concrete WALL should start by this time next year.

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Uncertain fate? Nope. It will happen. Just the way Obama forced Obamacare down everyone’s throats. Just like the way he pushed Iran Deal without Congress.

...........comes around goes around.

Here’s when those conservative judges in SCOTUS come into play.

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The power grab by Donald J. Trump is another indication of his disdain for the Contitution of the United States of America. He continues to be the biggest threat to U.S. national security and wellbeing.

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Good on him, the left will run to the Ninth Circuit to stop the project which is based on the West Coast but Washington DC is on the East Coast and should be listed in the 4th Circuit, then it will get appealed in the Supreme and hopefully construction will begin early 2020 , followed by a re-election of DT in November 2020.

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should start by this time next year.

Home depot specials on ladders and shovels is staring right now. Time to climb (or dig). Or the wall will have so many gaps (it won't be finished until about 2100) illegals will just need shoes to walk around it. Some Trump people say that personnel will catch these illegals "walking around"? WRONG! The 8B$ is only for a wall and no technology or personnel.

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The 9th Circuit needs to be overhauled so that it is not the disgrace that it is now.

Of course SCOTUS will rule in favor of securing our borders, so America wins.

Home depot specials on ladders and shovels is staring right now.

Staring at who? Tee hee!

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Staring at who? Tee hee!

It's a big waste of tax money and good business for home depot (after the year 2100)

Ann Coulter after Trump's order: ‘The only national emergency is that our president is an idiot

(news source)

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A future President can declare national emergency on more things, including guns after another gun massacre

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Only Trump is capable of going to Mar-a-Lago to play golf during a "national emergency."

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