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Trump unfiltered: Tweets reveal his interests, insecurities


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Critics say he often uses the messages to distract attention from more damaging stories about his business interests, ethical questions trailing his incoming administration and his factual inaccuracies.

Personally I'd rather see him provide information - unfiltered and plain spoken - about his business holdings and investments to disclose any current or potential conflicts of interest he and his family (plus members of his cabinet, judges he appoints, etc.) might have.

This is especially important with regard to international relations. Trump's a global elite, a limousine riding, jet set billionaire (or so he says) with businesses in dozens of countries worldwide. Americans, not just the minority who voted for him, need to know whether his business dealings will affect foreign policy.

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Trump's behaviour as a tweeting twot resembles addiction, like he privately goes out for a smoke, or some other kind of fix. If Obama was like that with his personal smoking habit, at least he did not make a point of directedly making the world know about it.

Alternatively it has become a symptom of compulsive behaviour. ANd symptomatic of an adaptation to a short concentration span that is common among so many other people obsessively dependent on short-texting on electronic media.

It is also a godsend to linguistics researchers and discourse analysts.

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He seems most obviously insecure about his receding hairline.

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Anyone who runs for POTUS has to be a little bit of an egomaniac - main difference is we are seeing his ego playing out in real time and in public. Must say it does rather detract from the dignity of the office, but that has been an evolving trend over the last few decades.

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Interesting new development: Trump warned Russian hackers claim to have compromising information on him

Link: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-cyber-russia-trump-idUSKBN14U2QZ

Trump's tweeted response: "FAKE NEWS - A TOTAL POLITICAL WITCH HUNT!"

First, it's not fake news, as the news itself appears to be true. Whether or not the hacker's claims are true is up for question.

Second, he was ok with hacking his opponents emails, let's see if he's ok with whatever hacks may be perpetuated against him.

Third, if this is true, it could confirm what many of us have suspected all along - that the Russians have something over his head. It would certainly explain he's bizarre stance on Putin and Russia.

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Let's see how he tweets about this:

Senator John McCain passed documents to the FBI director, James Comey, last month alleging secret contacts between the Trump campaign and Moscow and that Russian intelligence had personally compromising material on the president-elect himself.



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Trump has given little indication that his tweeting ways will change once he takes office.

maybe he should be referred to as President Tweety..

He’s going to be a somewhat different type of president,”

Ya think????

We’re soon going to learn what the pluses and minuses are of that.”

For the minuses, I'd say we've already started to get a good taste...

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the Russians have something over his head.

Use of prostitutes during a visit to Moscow in 2013. Melania will be pleased.


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Melania will be pleased

Trump's got a team of spin doctors who'll get his son-in-law Kushner and Trump's media czar Bannon to get their lackeys in the media, both corporate and alt right, to start screaming fakes news and witch hunt. Trump's cult followers will soon start screaming fake news and witch hunt in chorus. Wait to see how long it takes those terms to reach these pages.

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He should be quizzed mercilessly about this at his press conference, if it indeed turns out to be a real press conference. And that's before we get into his business conflicts, his family's business conflicts, his cabinet picks' business conflicts, his tax history, the Apprentice tapes, the Trump 'foundation', etc etc. It's going to be a very long uncomfortable time for the man with no patience, no memory, no knowledge and no concept of right vs wrong, or truth vs fiction.

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Yes this explains a lot. So speaking of tweets, every time he praised Putin in one, this was the reason. That actually makes Trump more rational than I gave him credit for. It wasn't his usual all-over-the-place randomness in this case, it was because he had been offered sweetheart deals (of various kinds) and feared exposure. Or re-exposure, one might say.

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Would anyone be shocked to learn that: a/DT has previously cheated on Melania b/the Russian regime actively assisted him during his campaign, c/ he has more biz/assets in Russia than he admitted, d/ etc..? I know I wouldn't as I have absolutely no expectations regarding Trump's moral and ethical principles. Only the most naïve of his supporters still think the man is 'clean'.

Difficult to have 'dirt' on Trump, the man is dirt. The only things that would 'shock' me about Trump would send him straight to jail for a very, very long time so let's for him he isn't that bad.

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Wow! I'm of an older generation that doesn't use Twitter, but it sounds like Trump's actually telling people what he's thinking, instead of what his aides want us to think! An about to be world leader who actually practices free speech is setting an example of democratic rights that gives a ray of hope for our future.

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FDT does not DARE face reporters' questions, hah!

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