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Trump vs. Clinton: Is a 2017 peaceful transfer possible?


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The beacon on the hill is not glowing so brightly these days. American politics, never very pretty, is now downright ugly and corrupt.

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The quote from Howard King has more Truth to it that many refuse to face up to.

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I can't really see any other option for the US besides a parliamentary system with party coalitions. I honestly doubt there are that many people out there in the US who feel that the Dems or Repubs genuinely represent their interests

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Is this the fall of the Roman (American) republic or the Decline and Fall of the Roman (American) Empire we are starting to witness? In truth if you know your Classical history you will see echoes of both. But history never truly repeats its self.

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"Hillary Clinton should be in jail"

And yet the DemocraticParty has nominated her to be president. Incredible...

"Donald Trump threatens America’s very existence."

Ha ha, don't know about that, but Hillary could threaten America's very exstence if she either starts WW lll over in the Middle East or if some of the Syrian refugees she wants to bring more of into the country also bring some suitcase nukes...

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As a private citizen, [Trump] questioned the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s presidency, falsely charging that Obama was not a natural-born citizen and thus ineligible to serve.

So, Gore instructs his people not to trash the Supreme Court, and Trump makes false accusations on the legitimacy of the presidency. Unbelievably, Trump just openly invited Russian cyber-hackers to launch an attack on the United States -- if would help him win the election.

Like he wanted President Obama to release his birth certificate, Trump needs to be forced to release his tax returns so that Americans can determine the extent of his dealings with Russian oligarchs loyal to Putin.

How low can Republicans go?

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Ha ha, don't know about that, but Hillary could threaten America's very exstence if she either starts WW lll over in the Middle East ....

You mean, like Bush did? Funny how you hate on Hillary when it was Bush who spend trillions on his wars... And subsequently invited the hatred that comes with it, the effects of which we can still see today.

Trump may not want to invade other countries (Thank god for that), but every other single of his policies .. wait, which policies?? What do we know about his policies? Anyone? And if he has policies, how do we know he doesn't reverse them immediately if he is elected [cause he probably will]...?

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“The first person to call Barack Obama ‘Mr. President-elect wasn’t staff,” recalled Schmidt. “It was Sen. McCain.”

Yes. He probably wanted a pat on the head for being a good doggy and throwing the campaign.

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"Hillary Clinton should be in jail"

Trump will make sure she gets plenty of time outside helping to build the wall.

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Only if there's a landslide either way. And Mr. O isn;t scheduled to leave office until Jan. 21st, 2017. Anything can happen in the interim....

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