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Trump's 'bromance' with Russia's Putin appears to be cooling


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Putin has a net worth of maybe $40B-$200B. -and Trump is a bit below that. One of Putin's estates alone is worth $1B. I would assume they can work out things over a round of golf. =Worked for Abe it seemed.

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Probably because there never was any "bromance," it was created by the media. Funny that all of the attention in the so -called scandal is the hacking of the DNC's sever, and completely ignores the dirt which was uncovered. If Podesta et al had clean noses, leaking their emails would have caused no harm.

In these emails, Podesta claimed that Hillary was a weak candidate, and would not have an easy chance at being elected, and he was right. If the Russians did hack and release these emails (which Wikileaks denies), they did America a favor. And if they hack the RNC, they will do us another.

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You have two very strong leaders like Putin and Trump. Then there was the un-electable Hillary that could not even beat Bernie Sanders without the DNC and media corruption. The World has moved on while Hillary, DNC and the media continue to lose and double-down on their losses.

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Putin has a net worth of maybe $40B-$200B.

Credible source or fake news.

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Nice one, @Burning Bush !

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"it was created by the media."

No, it wasn't. I remember in one of the debates how Trump defended Putin, and told Hillary, "He outsmarted you." Genuine admiration, there.

The weirdo Right's love affair with Putin is interesting. There's something about ex-KGB colonel Vladimir that the wingnuts seem to find appealing.

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Putin owns 4.5% of Gazprom common stock (4.5% of $52B value). = Right there he is over the billion mark.

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