Trump's presidency perilously adrift


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The really sad part about that statement is that the Tweeter-in-Chief is going to take our WHOLE country with him ! A shame, a crying shame !

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Who could have known that putting a socio-pathic con-man in the White House would have a detrimental effect on everything?

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This weekend he canceled his weekend trip to his Florida club.

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Two months in, and the failings of the electoral college system are already becoming apparent. The voters knew what the electoral college didn't - that Trump would be a failure, and that for all HIllary's problems, she would have been an infinitely better president.

Trump, The Great Negotiator, couldn't even get his party to repeal Obamacare after they'd actively worked towards that end for seven years, while controlling both houses.

That's like the priest being unable to get the choir to sing the hymns that they've sung every sunday for years.

He's an absolute failure of a president. A complete and utter loser.

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“For me, it’s been a very interesting experience.”

He's had a career of very interesting experiences.

This time, though, he's found out he can't screw people over and get away with it.

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@1glenn - Every single solitary person who cast their vote for this very poor excuse for a man, let alone quasi-President, apparently did not realize what the 3M more who voted for HRC did !

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Could someone explain the US system? There is a Republican Senate, Republican House, Republican President, but the Republicans could not even get the Obamacare replacement brought up for a vote. AND Trump blames the Democrats for the failure. I'm stumped.

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Because Gokai the few Republican who pass ObamaCare knock it on the head. His own team! . There is big disunite brewing in the GOP. This Russian / Trump connection and the haking of the Democrats, with the FBI all over it, have the same smell of Watergate. These Republican who voted it down Trump,s repeal of ObamaCare are insuring their base support, when all this comes out, Putingate.

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Never in US history has there been such a humiliated and incompetent person as Pres. He literally hasn't done anything besides go play golf. It's only gonna get many times harder now that the anti-Trump Repubs know they can oppose him at will now. What an utter disappointment of a human

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Hillary Clinton not choosing the next Supreme Court justice is so fantastic it's about all the winning I can stand. Rolling back Obama's executive actions and excessive non-legislative regulations is all gravy.

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