Twitter case shows breadth of U.S. power to probe anti-Trump statements


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There's an easy way to avoid scrutiny from the CIA/FBI/NSA/Homeland Security juggernaut.

Just admire Trump and post positive comments about him.

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Hope those agencies don't read JT ! Man, would I be in deep doo-doo !

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I served on a federal criminal grand jury in the Bush Years, and came away fearing my Department of Justice.

Trump has made it much worse. The Bad Guys are in charge now.

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Investigating people critical of Trump? Wow... they'd need a lot of personnel on that little job. Do I fear my anti-Trump comments being used by American agents to silence me? Of course not... If I want to call the small-handed, feather-brained, daft wee man a warmongering, planet-hating nutjob I will :)

And now JT will delete this post hahahahah

Seriously though, whatever happened to free speech? Surely politicians from all countries have been lampooned or criticised publically since the days of the Roman Emperors?

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