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Two decades after 9/11, Muslim Americans still fighting bias


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I remember that decades after the end of World War II, many Americans still passionately hated the Japanese. Hating Muslims, or hating Japanese, or hating any other group, may not be rational, but it is human nature.

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That is true Zichi. But in America many people lump all those with epicanthal eye folds under one roof now and think they are all Chinese.

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And now with covid, it happens to the Chinese.

shout out to the ccp for that one.

and to osama bin laden for Muslim Americans.

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shout out to the ccp for that one.

and to osama bin laden for Muslim Americans.

Yes, and how exactly does that help the victims of verbal and physical abuse?

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Very true Zichi. My grandfather a Russian had it. He was Jewish so some other blood mixed there where he got the trait. My daughters do not have it and their mom was Japanese. Genetics make for variety and that is fantastic in my opinion and healthy to mix the gene pool.

But I think you grasp what I am referring to on phenotype categories.

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Trump had a strange and weird way with words to try to put humor into his racist upbringing, and it works for many of his non-vaccinated and anti-mask followers.


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While Americans have always been notorious bullies, putting a halo on Muslims is hiding your head in the sand at best. Not all of them are evil, but a lot of them are and comparing to every other population on earth, their % of acting on their extremist ideologies is very high. Why? Because they're ideologues. Just read their books and history, the proof is out there if your eyes and ears are open. They know this all too well in Europe, because they had to fight them off to keep them from destroying all of Europe. They certainly destroyed the entire Greek civilisation irreversibly for 400 years and that alone says an awful lot.

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@Jon Doe

What on earth are you talking about?! Muslims destroyed Greek civilization? Greek civilization had disappeared well before there was any such thing as a Muslim. What exactly was in medieval Europe that needed protection from Muslims? I also suppose that Muslims contributed nothing to the parts of Europe that the did conquer like Spain or Eastern Europe?

How about you tell us the percent of American Muslims acting on extremist ideologies? How many churches have they burned, how many more Americans have they killed than anyone else?

You sir, have a lot of googling and wiki’ing to do. Start there, then move on to books and come back with your answers please.

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The different thing with Islam is that it is a political behaviour asked to its followers.

The President of the USA swears faith to the constitution on the Bible, which is not Coran. Read them to understand the difference.

I believe most Muslims are like Christians, believing just in a faith to help to rise as a better person.

But admit it, in the world, it causes issue because there are Islam republics. There are no counties called Christian republics (ot it is long past).

I wish, in particular Muslims but not only, would stop wearing such obvious clothes to proselytize.

Ultimately, each country becomes what its inhabitants decide. Bring immigration too much, your country may turn to something else contemporary history is telling.

Don't cry when it is too late.

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How many posters are on here I think it is possible to reform Islam?

I would bet that there’s not one Muslim that would agree to the reform of Islam

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