U.S., China compete in Asia


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China is only competitive due to the Yuan currency artificially low and cheap exports, once that is publicly trading they won't have the edge they have now

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US just wasting more resources to show how 'impressive' they are. as if they don't waste enough resources already, lol.

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I wonder btw, do they buy supplies from their satellite states or do they bring in supplies via searoute or air route from the US

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The US military shifting and regional military co-operation is to support China for their SELF DEFENCE ONLY propaganda. US is here to help Self defence of China. After making this much weapons ( 3000 nukes) and personal in the people`s army of China still they could not feel it is enough for self defence from the waiting threats from the Asian countries. SO CHINA SHOULD WELCOME the US 60/40 policy in the Asian region. Adding the all US forces to Chinese military is the parameter for SO called Chinese SELF DEFENCE dream...

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What Asian nations would attack China? Certainly not the Japanese. They tried it once and it was a disaster. The only other nation who could possibly attack China is India but they have good relations and an attack by India on China would leave the door open for Pakistan to take Kashmir which is a highly contested area.

They Americans are not in Asia to protect China. They are there to benefit themselves. Just as the foreign powers were in China 100 years ago . They decimated an already failing nation because the Qing Dynasty was corrupt and allowed foreigners to run wild in China. At that time China was called "the sick man of Asia." That is not the case today. China is strong enough to defend itself if need be. She does not need the US to help her because they won't. The whole idea is ludacris.

If China placed a fleet close to the US the Americans would soon cry foul. The US is in a power decline and cannot afford to become second fiddle in Asia. If there is any military action in that part of the world it will be because the Americans want it. In the first 12 years of this century the US has already invaded TWO sovereign nations and seems to be thinking of invading a third (IRAN). America is becoming a loose cannon in the third world.

China, on the other hand, is not a nation that invades its neighbors at will. China has only invaded other nations three times. Twice in Vietnam during the Mongol dynasty and in modern times Tibet. Everyone is aware that for many centuries the Chinese conquer by immigration and not by war. Today the economies of several Asian countries are controlled by overseas Chinese. The Chinese are not good at invasive wars but they are excellent businessmen.

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