U.S. looks to manage, not end, China air zone rift


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China wants more than just the interest and principle on loans it makes to the U.S.A. that buy foreign oil for its Military Machine and to pay its government. Now, possibly due to the Feds money printing and hence depreciation of the U.S. Dollars China holds, they want political concessions and they are getting them. China has lowered U.S. credit rating to AAA- recently. Cost of doing business? I think so.

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The American government could not manage a McDonald's restaurant properly, let alone any international crisis. Every American intervention since the time of Kennedy has been a collosal failure, from the "Bay of Pigs" to Vietnam, the "War on Terror" and the current policial floundering and flip-flopping on "Red Lines" which turned an "Arab Spring" into an "Arab Fall".

Short of dropping bombs on America, China can do pretty much whatever they want without worrying about any consequences.

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@ sangetsu

How should the US have responded?

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How should the US have responded?

A response should never have been necessary. Had the US intervened more carefully back in the days when the island dispute was just beginning, we likely wouldn't have found ourselves to be in the sitiation we are now in. Since the US is legally committed to the defense of Japan, the US simply can't sit on it's hands and allow such a crisis to develop. This entire mess has been gowing in slow motion, and as such, there is no excuse for action not to have been taken long ago.

But the current administration, like the last few, is incompetent in foreign affairs matters, and can't be made to see the writing on the wall, even when written in large, red, capital letters. They spend all their time watching polls, and campaigning for reelection, but very little time actually working. There is a terrible vacuum in leadership in America, and we are slowly getting painted into a corner by China, who are at least not constrained by polls, election campaigns, or pretending to fill empty promises.

The world belongs to those who act, and America no longer seems capable of action.

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@ sangetsu

I agree, it has been in slow motion.

The anti-communist doctrine most western nations held has been watered down by business interests in the case of China.

Of course a govt that violates basic human rights of its own people, couldn't care less about infringing on other peoples'.

Add to that the chip on China's shoulder from the Japanese occupation.

The money flowing into China has created a monster.

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During WW11, the US stole a lot of land from Okinawa, Japan & has never reimbursed for the land even though a lot of people in the island are still hoping to get their land back. It's understandable why the Politicians in DC are supporting the Japanese govt regarding the islands that have long belong to China & yet the US wants to be the Manager. I also noticed since the demise of Madiba how the politicians are giving him the best honors the world over and believe diplomacy is the best way to deal with foreign leaders & shouldn't deal in a threatening manner. Personally I disgusted in the way our government is denying the needy American a comfortable life because it would rather take the money send it overseas so they can dictate to foreign countries who are willing to accept our dollars!

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The U.S. should had acted like it was Afghanistan's Bin Laden. Now that's the America that can act!

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