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U.S. election the most important in our lifetime

By Glen S Fukushima

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I hope that covid 19 doesn't last as long as Trump lasted in the white house.

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Astute analysis.

No, it's anti-Trump BS.

These policies aim to return America to the "good old days" of the 1950s, when it was a Cold War superpower run by rich elderly white men from the East Coast who favored big business and the military and saw little value in diversity, civil rights, or social justice. This is the core vision of a second Trump administration.

Total BS. Trump's policies were lifting all boats, creating opportunities for all races. And they will again, it's already started.

Biden's choice of Sen. Kamala Harris as his vice presidential running mate demonstrates the value he places on diversity, ability, and achievement.

That choice, most likely made by his handlers, not him, demonstrates a total lack of good judgement. Kamala "It was a DEBATE! Harris is awful. Tulsi Gabbard is right about her awful record as California AG.

Her ancestral roots -- father from Jamaica

Yeah have you heard what he said about her after her joke about Jamaicans and marijuana?

I hope that covid 19 doesn't last as long as Trump lasted in the white house.

No worries, it'll be gone way before 2025.

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I'm not an American, but I agree 100% with the article. 

You've been duped by the feckless media. Trump has done more for the American people in 3 years than Biden did in his 47 years in government.

Please, Americans, get rid of him.

In favor of Harris-Biden? Give me a break.

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Will the media political elite ever forgive the, deplorable's, the sheer audacity, a political system that allowed one Donald Trump to gain highoffice and then to believe he could remain their is a tad naïve.

Its Joe and Kamala.

Well at least Glen S Fukushima a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress believes so.

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 I hear Americans - especially those with no affection for Trump - saying that there's no difference between the candidates, or they can't be bothered voting because the system is corrupt, 

There is a difference between the candidates, but the system is corrupt and rotten to the core and the end result will be pretty much the same. No president can change that unless the people wake up, and that's not happening soon. The country is run by gangsters and wealthy grifters, and both parties pretty much seek to expand that status quo. Beyond that, the people are controlled by secret and secretive agencies such as the FBI and CIA, and though I don't know who they serve, it's pretty obviously not common people.

The presidential election is just the new form and bread and circuses for the masses, so they don't notice what's really happening and even unintentionally help further their own oppression.

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VP Biden is just a bumbling fool. He can't even read off his cue cards and talks about 120,000,000 people dying from COVID. He is showing signs of dementia. I have never voted for a Democratic candidate for president (usually I go Libertarian), but I just might this time. Pr. Trump is an incompetent incumbent. The only reason I may actually vote for VP Biden is because of his running mate, Sen. Harris. She seems to be the only one of the four candidates (Pr and VP combined) that seems to make any kind of sense. (Don't even get me started on VP Pence.) I like the Libertarian candidate, but if we have to have someone from one of the two main parties, I will go Sen. Harris, and hope that VP Biden steps down soon after his election.

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You've been duped by the feckless media. Trump has done more for the American people in 3 years than Biden did in his 47 years in government.

I think you mean "Trump has done more to the American people in 3 years than Biden did in his 47 years in government."

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It's a clear choice, fascism vs. democracy.

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Well, this is an OPINION piece, my opinion looking at ground truth (not the crap shown by the media) says Biden will get crushed because the majority of Americans are sick and tired of the PC BS, the cancel culture, the violence that the Democrats endorse by allowing it to happen in our cities and do not believe the kool aid the Democrats sell. No matter how loud they yell, how often they post, the Republicans will take the presidency.

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 if you think a vote for Harris-Biden is the lesser of two evils then surely you have to take the trouble and cast your vote that way. After all, what else have you got? Revolution?

I've got leaving the country, which I've already done. Nothing will change in the US until it has a systemic collapse, and even then, they might just make things worse. Harris scares me more than any recent candidate, Biden is just a puppet at this point in his life - and was a war-mongering crony politician at best before.

I have resigned myself to the fact that I won't likely live to see the USA recover - but my kids might. I see 20 years of darkness for the US... at best.

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Nothing good will come from dividing Americans into camps. Camps without talking, only angry words spouting platitudes, lies, half truths and fear.

Reality shows show egocentric actors doing things that appeal to 8th grade level adults. That's what American politics in conjunction with media is doing now.

Media controlled and controlling a message for their candidates. It's uniquely corrupt, but the can't see it. It's creating cults of non-thinking parrots.

Random people in grocery stores find any incident to start spouting their political views to shoppers within 10 feet. People arguing over lettuce and lemons.

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Four years ago I think people couldn't believe Trump won the election. Here acted like a douche bag and yet managed to win by the margin that he did.

For the first 100 days I truly believe even Trump could not believe it himself. Hence the stupid posts on Twitter and the gloating.

Two things are the same since 2016: Trump's running partner and the fact that the opponent is yet another turd sandwich.

Biden said he would let Trump sink himself in his own quicksand. Stop opening your mouth and saying ridiculous stuff. For the love of mike 160000000 Americans did not die last year due to gun violence. That's HALF THE POPULATION OF AMERICA!

Whatever happens in the next few months one thing is for sure. On December 1 the new president will open his mouth and out will come more ridiculous rubbish.

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As a Super-power, America's elections have an out-sized importance around the world. That said, yes, this election is very important. Trump is destroying America, and four more years of him would be devastating to not just America, but to the whole world.

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We have more pundits than voters. Unfortunately I don’t see Biden Harris as strong leaders, especially when looking at Putin, Xi Jinping, North Korea, etc. Trump may not be what people call normal but he’s playing a role here in the Asian pacific I don’t see the B-H ticket dealing with effectively. Biden is too normal. The world hounds will soon eat him (& us) up. We need irrationality for now.

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"Reelect me so I can fix the giant frackin mess I created." Donald Trump

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We need irrationality for now.

Disagree. We need rationality for change.

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"Reelect me so I can fix the giant frackin mess I created." Donald Trump

Elect me so I can fix the giant frackin mess the Democrats have made our cities after 47 years of doing nothing as a politician. - Joe Biden

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America needs a stabilizing effect now. Neither Trump nor Biden can do that and there are no other options.

Even Bush was a better president than Trump or Biden. I hate that guy. He is a war criminal!

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