U.S. and Russia engage in digital battle for hearts and minds

By Jennifer Grygiel

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People familiar with the history of media know this is but the tip of the iceberg and that the CIA admitted upon being investigated by the US Congress that it plants stories in various media outlets worldwide...

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In the UK, the BBC are running scared of the government cutting their funding, so BBC News toes the government line. Lots of war coverage and no blame attached to Brexit. There is a lot of BBC news too - all a bit North Korean - but it is easy enough to avoid it all by turning over. BBC drama is less affected by the state, but that hasn't helped in the culture wars. The Corporation has turned the Woke up to full, so BBC drama and general programming now appeals to people who stopped watching broadcast TV years ago. The rest of us watch DVDs, old TV programmes (including BBC ones) on other channels, Scandi drama or Kdrama to avoid the endless woke propaganda.

The World Service was always a positive and generally benign force. Being good, it is now being cut back. Well, the world is so peaceful, happy and settled, isn't it. Radio broadcasts are losing funding and stuff is being moved online, where trust is always lower and content is easy to block. Anything good suffers nowadays.

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Addition: If your news media runs endless scare stories about the internet (as the BBC does, daily), then that is a good indication that it is acting on behalf of your government. The internet undermines state control, and it is being progressively curtailed on all fronts by governments, every way they can. The scare stories are a part of this.

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its up one and each of us to decide where to look for sources of informations,how to select these and use common sense to make your own opinion.regardless if its RT,BBC etc.

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All mainstream media and even some (many?) supposedly independent sources are controlled.

Leaked files expose Syria psyops veteran astroturfing BreadTube star to counter Covid restriction critics

By covertly recruiting popular YouTube influencer Abigail Thorn to counter growing opposition to UK gov’t Covid restrictions, psy-ops pros are bringing home the tactics they honed in the Syrian dirty war.

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