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U.S. opposes dictators? Yes! Except when it supports them

By Sebastian Smith

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Biden's decision to exclude the far-left leaders of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela from this week's regional Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles is being touted as U.S. defense of democracy in action.

Old news.

Supporting feudalistic monarchs dismembering American journalists or the assassinations of democratically elected left leaning leaders and installing rightist dictators leading to decades of a reign of terror has always been American pie.

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"Dictators are bad, except, well, when they're kind of OK: welcome to the moral gymnastics that Joe Biden is only the latest U.S. president to embrace in a complicated world."

The U.S. sows and nurtures dictatorships ['democracies'] like a rice farmer their crop and, as long as they are obedient to the U.S. and allow U.S. Corporations to suck value out of their people with no payback, receive all manner of 'fertilizer' (weapons and police resources) and 'pesticides' (covert anti-opposition forces). The list is long and a 2014 article from Salon.com will bring one up to minimal speed:

"35 countries where the U.S. has supported fascists, drug lords and terrorists"


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This bizarre article entirely fails to mention that Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov visited Riyadh for a meeting with the Gulf Cooperation Council at the end of May, a meeting that resulted in the GCC agreeing not to impose "western-style" sanctions on Russia. Saudi has been slowly moving away from the US for many years now, turning towards Asia, a process that has accelerated under MBS. Russia and Saudi now effectively regulate world oil.

Biden is going cap in hand to the Saudis in a desperate attempt to regain American control of global oil, which is slowly but surely sliding out of its grasp.

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Then there was Biden's predecessor Donald Trump.

The Republican railed against China yet became friendly with Russia's Vladimir Putin. Trump was also chummy with the full range of unelected Middle Eastern rulers, not least in Saudi Arabia, which he chose for his first foreign trip as president.

Ok, article, Biden favors some dictators.

But wait! Article needs some spark to it.


Alright, Trump railed against China--good right? Became friendly with Russia; no invading of Ukraine--also good, right? And chummy with Middle Eastern rulers; brokered UAE-Israel deal--good, right?

Saudi Arabia; see current gas prices in US now--bad, right?

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American foreign policy in the 20th century is HYPOCRISY writ large. The victims can be counted in the millions in the non-US edition of the "Black Book of Capitalism". As a fully-paid up member of the "respectable" political establishment, Biden is a dyed-in-the-wool creature of the Machiavellian mind-set of "American Exceptionalism". He might have mellowed in his old age, but now he's just too tired to change his hypocritical habits of a lifetime. When he shakes that blood-soaked hand, he'd better wear his shades to hide his shame.

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The United States of America has welcomed foreign autocrats and dictators throughout the ages so long as they serve the purposes of U. S. policy … does Manuel Noriega sound familiar.

And the nonsense that “We don’t negotiate with terrorists” is must that … we not only negotiate with them, we fund terrorist and terrorist nations and have for decades.

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It is worse than that. Especially in Latin America the U.S. has a history of overthrowing democracies and replacing them with dictatorships. Off hand: Guatemala, Chile, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, etc. There would not have been the current authoritarian governments if the U.S. had just laid off.

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US opposes dictators? Yes! Except when they support US:

Sarcasm accepted. Welcome to the moral gymnastics of world leaders.

How many global autocrats have not been siding with US now and then in order to maintain their status quo and keep their ill-gotten power?..

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The arrogance and hubris of the Monroe Doctrine has a lot to answer for.

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I forgot El Salvador, another U.S. supported horror story.

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So weird to see an article painfully explaining something so obvious as if it was some thing that was difficult to understand or discover. Still, it makes for an interesting read but I keep having the feeling of someone describing how rain is made of rain and makes things wet.

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And don't forget the White House wink and the nod given to the military junta that launched a little-known bloodbath killing 1-2 million Muslims in 1965 before installing a 31-year dictatorship over the fourth most populous nation in the world, an operation so successful that "Jakarta" inspired S. American fascists becoming the Codeword in Brazil after the 1964 military coup for the "anti-communist" extermination program, then later used by the Chilean junta after their 9/11 military coup in 1972 for their murder of tens of thousands who tried to defend their democracy, doomed once the green light had been given by Nixon and Kissinger to Pinochet.

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Russia and Saudi now effectively regulate world oil.

Not in the vey lage US market. North America is largely self-sufficient. Imports from Russia and the Middle East are now only a tiny portion and can be easily replaced.

Asia and Europe are the ones in desperate need of Saudi and Russian energy.

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Funny this. When Biden does something bad, it's the US that did it. If a Republican president supports a dictator, well that's all on him. Just replace US in the headline with the Republican's name. Tired of the double standards and fake moral outrage.

The US has never been about spreading democracy and freedom around the world. Anyone who believes they have been is hopelessly gullible.

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During World War II the US and Britain did all they could to keep the USSR from being knocked out of the war, because it was the right thing to do at the time. To paraphrase Churchill, he would make a pact with the Devil, if it would help him defeat Hitler.

Still, all too often, Republican presidents have actively moved to undermine democracies and install dictators, if it helped their corporate donors.

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