U.S.-Russia chill stirs worry about stumbling into conflict


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" until the secretary of defense certifies that Russia "has ceased its occupation of Ukrainian territory" and "aggressive activities." What about the US ceasing occupation of Japan, Samoa, Guam, Iraq......

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Russia is a third rate country which, incidentally, has nuclear weapons.

Power requires money. Russia has a GDP smaller than that of three individual US states. In other words, Russia does not have the money to project power very far for very long. Although it has a lot of weapons, it cannot afford to maintain them. At any one time, many of its weapon systems, from planes to submarines, are inoperable due to lack of maintenance.

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Well, given the leaders of both countries are such "good comrades", and one is even going to build a $10 million penthouse for the other, and the fact that Don Jr and Eric say they get all their money from Russia, maybe things will turn out alright...

Of course, one is still conducting a high-level strategic information warfare campaign against the other, and has managed to brainwash a sizable portion of the others population...and they've managed to place an asset in the White House...

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Russia is a third rate country, ruled by a dictator, with nuclear weapons. Not a good combination.

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