U.S., Ukraine quietly try to pierce Putin's propaganda bubble


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William BjornsonToday  04:01 am JST

I don't care what Russia has to say about it. Putin has been stoking separatist conflicts in that region for years. They are the invaders, the aggressors, the war criminals. Putin and his administration are some of the most corrupt politicians around. Go ahead and fill your boots with their news though.....

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If Russia starts deliberately targeting WEDDINGS as America has and does, perhaps censure will be less hypocrisy than ANYTHING America and its Euro and Asian vassals say now.

They bombed a children's hospital. On purpose.

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Hack their TV and send them a mix from Western media news, subtitled and on permanent loop, updated daily.

Can be done but needs constant input from worldwide hackers.

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Anonymous has been working hard and hacking the Russian state propaganda, providing real information about Ukraine when they can.

The Russian people need to rise up for the next Russia Revolution, and take their current leadership out of power. Their current leadership has entirely failed the Russian people, committing them to poverty and being shunned from humanity for generations. The only way they can redeem that is to remove Putin and his croneys from power forever.

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"Putin's propaganda bubble" versus the West's IRON DOME of propaganda contradicting everything we had been hearing of Ukraine's systemic corruption and Human rights violations and military murder and suppression of those Ukrainians in the east of Ukraine who want no part of the corrupt central government prior to Russia's intervention? Hmmm. And, if one in the West tries to find at least get SOME information regarding Russia's side of the story, good luck. America has locked down and out, CENSORED, almost ALL voices contrary to the now ongoing all-out anti-Russian marketing campaign, and mounting smear campaigns against anyone who may still have a voice. And what we are seeing in Ukraine is what we have seen for generations of American foreign policy of clandestine warfare waged in third world (albeit here, White) countries using CIA sponsored fascist cliques to oppose disobedient governments. And America's main advantage in Ukraine is RACISM because we hear little of these things when they occur in nonWhite countries where those supported by America, and directly by American military, butcher innocent people daily and care little if they are women and children. If Russia starts deliberately targeting WEDDINGS as America has and does, perhaps censure will be less hypocrisy than ANYTHING America and its Euro and Asian vassals say now.

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Yes, nice efforts, but that concepts don’t work there so much. Russia is not the generation smartphone in Moscow, but on average they have less access and general information delays as a standard in all those smaller villages and of course in the rural areas. The youth , all who could use VPN and difficult to access Western info sites, they are not interested, relatively wealthy and for Putin, as you surely could see in those stadium events etc. The rest, elderly people especially, have only access to a few Putin TV channels and have not the knowledge or the felt need to search for something else. In other words, that eye opening anti-propaganda from outside runs all into a nothing in most cases.

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