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Vietnam sea spat part of China's larger strategy


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China's thug like assertion in Asia is alarming. With its vast land, why can't they be just content in exploring their own soil and their own sea? Granting that the sovereign countries concerned including Japan haven't tapped those resources yet, it doesn't mean to say whoever discovered it has the right to claim for it even it's beyond their sovereignty. If there's no order, no respect, there'll be no peace. Even here in workplaces, they're smart asses not because they're really smart but they go a long way even with their bodies.

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Beijing—which prefers to negotiate directly with its smaller, weaker neighbors

The key word here is weak. That is how China sees Vietnam, which is why they're being so aggressive in this issue. China is absolutely confident that it has more than enough strength to repel Vietnam's ships and illegally claim this oil. They're doing it here because they know they can't take the oil under the Senkaku Islands. China knows it doesn't have the ability to go toe-to-toe with Japan. China has, in taking this action, shown the whole world that they are nothing more than cowardly bullies, picking on its weakest neighbours, knowing that they can't do anything in retalliation. If the US do nothing here, it'll cause problems, and weaken their own image. The US has to stand up for Vietnam against the thug nation that is China, lest they be emboldened to try the same tactics against stronger neighbours like Japan. A Navy SEAL strike against the oil rig would be sufficient enough to send a crystal clear message to China: Stop bullying your neighbours and trying to change the status quo by force. They have more than enough sovereign territory, they should not be trying to steal it from other countries, regardless of what resources may dwell there.

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@Fox, yes they consider Vietnam weak because it's still a young country. And considering their victory against US during the war with the help of none other than China, they thought Vietnam would just be mum about it. Ahh, the Chinese want to be the number in Asia and perhaps all over the world by bullying others. It's very visible indeed not only in workplaces here in Japan. Seems nothing can satiate their hunger for wealth and power!

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Yes, China's recent belligerence is no surprise. Let's not forget that China considered Vietnam a Chinese province for much of the last millenia.

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Provocative? Yes.

Illegal? Like.

Bully? Definitely.

It think it might push Vietnam and Japan to cooperate on defending the sea.

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It's about time. With the recent clueless performance from the US on world stage, China feels confident that the US won't interfere regardless of what it'll be doing in SE Asia. Of course, China will start with small fries first. Vietnam is the weak kid next door that won't fight back no matter how it got trampled on. Vietnam will struggle a little bit but that's about all it will amount to. Having said all that, it's hard to blame China. The world knows what China will do when it gets strong but still contributes in making it strong. Fools. I just hope I won't be alive when China is the big brother of the world.

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@Bellpeppers. I believe Vietnam will fight when it comes to sovereignty protection and survival..... China needs to know when enough is enough with the pushing and bullying.... My only concern is china's nukes threat in desperation and may go nutty. I do hope the US have them fully in checked.

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