Vinyl record sales keep spinning and spinning – with no end in sight

By Jay L Zagorsky
Photo: iStock/LDProd

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Wow, a rarity on here.

An article that is quite interesting.

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All of my records are gone, not by choice. I still have hundreds of CDs but I grew up NYC in the age of disco and hip hop house parties and club and street deejaying so records have always been my favorite. Add in the Technics turntable to play the records on and the set is complete.

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Have kept our LPs. Our three have solid collections as well. Our sons' bands have released some of their albums on vinyl -- sells quite well!

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It the not quality of sound why people buy old antique vinyl. Because they sound terrible.

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Had to chuckle when late last year 2 nephews of mine visited from Aust.

Older one - 27 - said to me "Oh you've still got CDs - no records". Loved it.

According to him he has built of a collection of 100s and loves the whole experience of taking the album out of it's sleeve, wiping it, putting it on the turntable and placing the needle down. And he likes looking/reading at the album covers.

And he built new speaker boxes himself.

Of course he streams, but that's just background stuff. Vinyl is real.

There is hope

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