Virus brings two foes together, Japan and China

By Jing Xuan TENG

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Just from the JT comments section alone, you can see that the virus is being used to drive the same old enmity - it is "China's fault" or "they're buying our masks" etc.

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It is a great opportunity for Japan to cooperate with China, a win win situation.

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China, seriously? trying to break the US Japan alliance, that's a really dumb move. Don't even think of doing that period because that's called rebelling which is not a good sign of improving relationships with Japan, US or other countries because China can try to take Okinawa because US forces there, no way you'll be able to crush US Japan alliance if ya'll want to start World War 3

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they're buying our masks

Masks most of which were made in China? How ironic!

Virus brings two foes together, Japan and China

Damn, US must really hate this virus!

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Of this whole mess that is this virus, its nice to see a postive spin on things. Let the healing begin.

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