Want to know why India has been soft on Russia?

By Sumit Ganguly

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India has not been soft on Russia. India is not a vassal state to the US. India has been fair in it's assessment of the Ukraine situation and should be applauded for doing so.

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Interesting read, I was aware of some of the reasons but this helped clarify them more. Easy to understand and not cluttered with small details.

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Want to know why India has been soft on Russia?

Is there going to be an article tomorrow titled “Want to know why the US has been soft on Saudi Arabia”?

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When India sent it's troops into Goa to liberate it from Portugese rule the US, UK and France condemned India in UNSC but Soviet Union vetoed that resolution because of it's anti-colonial (and anti-West) stand. Goa is now an integral part of India where Russians are most welcome even if they face abuse in other parts of the world.

When the then West Pakistan sent its troops into East Pakistan and triggered a genocide where at least 300000 people were killed, the so-called Western countries, champions of human rights and democratic values, ignored it and threatened India instead against interfering. Once again it was the Soviet Union which stood by it.

Now is the turn of India to stand by Russia. India's private sector should increase their Russian investments and support Russia's economy.

What's happening in Ukraine is between Russia and Ukraine. There is no reason why India should follow the diktat of US in return of vague assurances. US can tackle China on its own, it does not need India. It seems US foreign policy prefers countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia who have proven to be such great American allies in the past.

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Mr. Kipling nailed it again, India is just behaving in their own self-interest. Which, unsurprisingly, does not align with America's interests. India is not a vassel of America and is not beholden to them in any way. India simply stands to benefit a lot more by continued trade with Russia.

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Exactly. India is a merchant not a moral nation.

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So which country IS a moral nation?

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