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Wars cause widespread pollution and environmental damage − here’s how to address it in peace accords

By Richard Marcantonio and Josefina Echavarria Alvarez

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I would think dealing with the fact that in many cases one side tried to wipe the other off of the map would be more important.

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The USA bombing and destroying countries all over the world like Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yugoslavia etc. and leaving superfund levels of pollution and spent (and sometimes armed) armaments needs to be called out here.

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Or, to turn it around, our typical economic activity and system is just like waging war perpetually. It produces air, water and soil contamination, deforestation and enormous quantities of waste, flooded villages, destroyed crops and is shattering democracy and community. As long as it continues unchallenged, we cannot have peace.

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Indeed, the pollution and environmental damage during war is worse than the pollution and environmental damage during peace. In further news, the sun will rise tomorrow in the east.

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