What’s next in impeachment: A busy December, and on to 2020


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Run down Democratic controlled inner city neighborhoods are struggling with homelessness, drugs, violence, crime and hopelessness, the nation is in the midst of a deadly opioid crisis, besides other pressing problems and the Democrats are ignoring thier own constituents to fixate on nothing burger investigations like Russia and impeachment? This is terrible. Get to back to work in your own backyard Democrats! Your people need you.

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The Dems dont care about any of the issues you posted. If they did, they would of already tried to solve them. I dont think anybody really knows what they care about, unless its corrupted officials and dystopia

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Pelosi says there is clear evidence that President Donald Trump has used his office for his personal gain.

There is clear evidence that Trump has used his office to fight corruption. Trump can't help it if his potential opponent in the 2020 election, Joe Biden ( unlikely but possible if the Dems are dumb enough to nominate him ) is involved in the corruption.

Fact: None of Schiff's "witnesses" had any actual evidence of any crimes committed by the president, much less impeachable crimes.

This is interesting -

The Dems' impeachment inquiry has proved nothing

And this -

Rep. Stefanik slams Schiff: 'He doesn't want to hear the truth'

And this -

The facts are on President Trump’s side: Rep. Zeldin

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How is it House democrats could control the witness list, control what GOP members could talk about, refuse to allow President Trump’s lawyers to be part of the process, have something like 98% of the media coverage both here and abroad cheering them on like teenage girls at a One Direction concert and still wind up losing ground on Impeachment with us independent voters?

After two weeks of such a one-sided affair, Donald Trump’s fate should look sealed. But thanks to the conga line of hearsay non-witness witnesses who passed the democrats bunker audition, instead of talk around America's kitchen tables and water coolers about how Mr. Trump’s goose is cooked, the Schiff Show Soviet-style impeachment inquiry turned into another turkey (The Mueller Report, Stormy Daniels/CPL, Brett Cavanaugh, etc.) cooked up by the democrats designed to pacify their deranged, lunatic base.

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Steve Hilton: The truth about impeachment

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The Schiff show continues. I find it totally fascinating watching the talking propaganda heads on CNN trying to make it seem there is actually some substance to this nothingburger.

....while completely ignoring the gradual disclosure of the real crimes committed by the swamp officials in 2016 in using fake documents and foreign agents to sabotage the Trump campaign.

Like Scott Adams says: two completely different movies on the same screen.

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Constituents ought to throw underperforming Democratic Congress members out on thier behinds. They are a disgrace. Spend untold tax dollars and time on these frivolous attacks on the President while thier own inner city constituents languish in poverty, crime, drugs, unemployment. poor infrastructure, education and facilities, and more. They are parasite career politicians living off the people's dime who deliver absolutely nothing. GET RID OF THE LOT OF THEM, from Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff all the way to the Squad.

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