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What happened to Hollywood's push for diversity after Oscars?


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because 'diversity' often comes off as heavy-handed and sanctimonious. making Perry White a negro works when a talent likeLawrence Fishburn plays him. making Jimmy Olsen a Jenny with some random Hollywood pop-starlet? not so much.

You still need talent behind the new wave of 'political correctness' for it to take root. If you don't have that, all the changes to placate the masses are so much window dressing.

and for all those clamoring for Bruce Wayne to disappear so a 'BATMAN BEYOND' movie can be made.... keep dreamin'. Ain't gonna happen!!

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Because those that push for diversity are annoying. Not only that but it simply does not work when people would rather be around those similar to them. Strangely enough Hollywierd pushes for diversity yet its many award shows are anything but.

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"people would rather be around those similar to them."

Yep. I'd choose a fellow human every time.

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Yep. I'd choose a fellow human every time.

Nice bit of sophistry. When did you qualify as human?

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And, who propogates this myth about people of colour not being internationally viable? Think it’s the same people who cry “anti-Semite” at any opposition to Israel or the insularity of Judaism. But, I’m sure there are tons of black Jews, besides Sammy Davis Jr. What was it the pot called the kettle?

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What happened to Hollywood's push for diversity after Oscars?

The news cycle? These days the great masses of the unwashed have the attention span of a brain-damaged gnat on crack cocaine. This news is like so last week.

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"How can we make money off this 'diversity' thing we read about on Tumbr?" -- studio exec a few months ago.

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