What happens next in Japan-China relations?


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Japan should stay away from such a rude China as much as possible and do same thing to Xi in someday's APEC. China would be happier about it.

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Don't take it too personally. Xi needed to that so the Chinese populace could accept the meeting. If he was seen as too friendly or concilliatory, that media campaign that flamed the winds of anti-Japanese sentiment would have hurt Xi's prestige and public support.

In any case, the next step is that things get back to normal, somewhat. Ministerial talks resume, but things will remain icy.

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In my opinion what is coming next is "back to normal", that is China blaming Japan, Chinese fishermen fishing in Japan waters, "comfort women" asking for compensations, Chinese military ships sailing and flying close to Japanese islands, Japan scrambling fighters, Xi blaming Abe, Japanese people visiting shrines, Chinese government blaming visitors, and so on, as I said "back to normal."

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Never ending story! Same old same old ( China) .

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