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What if Iran gets the bomb?

By Bernd Debusmann

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If Iran gets a nuclear bomb then we can stop worrying about the US or Israel starting another war in the region. Iran, like North Korea, cannot use the bomb to threaten either US or Israel because to attack either would gurantee their destruction by midnight. It is the MAD policy at its best.

The biggest threat to the Middle East at the moment (not withstanding current issues) is Israel itching to attack Iran.

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There should be an international agency that produces nuclear weapons. Everybody that agrees to the following should get as many nukes as they want:

1) Completely open trade with all other nations

2) Government budgets no greater than 10% of GPD

3) No Government debt

4) Either a gold standard or a fixed supply of money

5) Open immigration policy

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MAD is a dangerous game. All it takes is a crazy leader that is able to convince a couple of generals that they will be treated like VIP in paradise if they turn their keys.

The above might sound like Islam-bashing, it really isn't. It is just a demonstration of how dangerous it is when church/religion an state is not properly separated.

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Iran has stated it will nuke Isreal first chance it gets, Iran cannot be trusted and is a real destablising force in the region, with out Iran, who else is a trouble maker big enough to threaten the region.

A handlefull of thugs throwing rocks over the fence dont count.

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Iran has stated it will nuke Isreal first chance it gets

Really? Iran said it will "nuke" Israel fist chance it gets? Can you direct me to the source of this statement?

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They have said that in the past have you been hiding under a blanket? Mehinmadinjad or whatever the nutjobs name is said as soon as they get nukes isreal gets it, where have you been man?

Search iran nuke and isreal on google, you'll find the threats made.

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**No need for me to search for anything on google. But if you can point me in the direction off, or better still, show me where an Iranian leader says "we are going to nuke Israel the first chance we get" then I would have learnt something new today.**

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Really? Iran said it will "nuke" Israel fist chance it gets? Can you direct me to the source of this statement?


Not exactly ambiguous. Let's see... Israel blows up possible sites of nuclear weapons manufacturing, Iran takes that as a valid excuse to commit utter religious, cultural and national genocide. Yeah, that seems fair.

"They will hand us an excuse to wipe them off the face of the earth." Clearly, the intention to erase Israel from existence is already there.

Mind you, this quote is before Iran even has the nukes. Imagine what would happen once they get them.

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Not that I'm any fan of Iran or think it's a cute and cuddly country by any stretch of the imagination, but Guy-jin's link has no connection to any threat by Iran to "nuke" Israel fist chance it gets. Rather, it says Iran will retaliate if it is attacked first by Israel. It is Israel that has been maintaining that they could attack Iran just in case.

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I worry about all the nuke bombs and the owners, not just the one Iran might get! I really wish they didn't exist

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If they get the bomb, then they'll join a long list of other countries that have decided to pursue the same, the US, Israel, India... etc.

If other countries can have it why can't Iran.

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Iran will get the bomb. It's just a question of time. The only reason they are denying it is to buy time. A little white lie.

Then they can join their Jewish, Islamic and Hindu big brother club in the Middle East, ie Israel, Pakistan and India.

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There will always be war thru proxies. Nukes didn't stop the US and USSR from using proxies.

If Iran goes nuke, Israel will formally declare its nuke as deterrence, and Saudi Arabia will soon develop its nuke. And they'll still battle thru proxies.

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Where does the possesion of the nuclear bomb produce stability? I t only takes one stupid action of pressing tha button to set off a chain of retaliation, then all hell will break loose. Too many loose cannons allready possess these weapons along with other devices of mass destruction. If Iran does develop its ability to produce such a weapon of devestation, it will just be another on the growing list of nations.who choose to sign up to these horrificly threatening ways of so called defence

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Even though Ahmadinedschad (and many other Iranian politicians and militaries) often express their desire to wipe Israel from the map, I have not found out yet, why I should believe that this rhethoric has a stronger foothold in reality than the typical threats against the "axis of evil" from various US politicians. For Iran, the US and Israel form an "axis of evil" or a "big Satan and small Satan". Nevertheless, rhethoric is just rhethoric.

And if anyone claims that Iran funds hisbollah, hamas and some other criminal or terrorist organisations - the US has done this for a much longer time. Who were the people who had built up the Taliban and Saddam Hussein in the beginning? That's the making of US intelligence. Don't point the finger before cleaning in your own house!

Iran sucks as a state in terms of democracy and civil rights. Iran treats women and gays like shit. Many Iranians are very religious to the point of fanatism and don't believe in evolution. Iran has the death penalty. Iran distributes loud rhethoric and boasts whom they want to crush. That's quite similar to some political groups in some Western countries (with Islam and Christianity exchanged).

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The first and biggest use of the bomb for Iranian leaders, is to start killing off all the opposition inside the country as they will not worry anymore that international powers may intervene. They want to do like Gadhafi and Assad in Syria, with little risk of being stopped. The trouble is that they will get bolder and bolder and the side effects of their radical dictatorship will impact on many other existing problems. Remember they are fanatics and not organized at all; the infighting and the messed up structure of governance in Iran means instability, for them and for the region.

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Christina O'Neill

Where does the possesion of the nuclear bomb produce stability?

India and Pakistan for one.

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Is anyone knowledgeable about the main points of conflict between Iran and Israel? I cannot find any direct area of conflict between these two countries in this or last century.

My guess is that since the Islamic revolution in Iran, its mullahs have made Israel out to be a bad guy due to the Palestinian issue for religious or political reasons, but this is not directly related to Iran itself. They may also view Israel as a US proxy state and use that to insight political rancor, but this still does not relate directly to Iran and Israel.

It probably has much to do with Lebanon and Syria, and Iran assuming it deserves great influence in these countries, and feeling opposed or thwarted by Israel.

In ancient times, the Persian Empire was friendly and the most magnanimous towards Israel. When I lived in Los Angeles, half the Iranian people I knew were Jewish.

This conflict perplexes me.

I may have a bias, but I am trying to think about this as neutrally as possibly

Any feedback on this will be greatly appreciated.

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In this article, the idea that Iran should get the A-bomb is absolute nonsense. Not only have Iran threaten Israel but the the West and the U. S. in particular. One must realize that Iran is governed by a Theocracy. If one of their leader says that he heard God telling him to drop the bomb, they will drop it. There is another item to consider: if a lot of unstable, Theocracies or terrorist organization (such as the Taliban) take over the government of a country and they have atomic bombs, the world would be in trouble. Good Luck!

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So what happens when some loco terrorist group decides to set off a neuclear bomb which triggers a response possibly from that country towards its worst enemy leading to another response and so forth. Would a neuclear response have to be from a missile attack and not a covert one such as a suitcase bomb or one hidden in the hold of a visiting ship? Is this a Mission Impossible story or reality? Is the KGB, CIA, China, Isreal and other countries exchanging data which protects humanity against MAD? It may just be a matter of time before something unfolds in that direction. Cross your fingers.

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This Reueters article doesn't do justice to the Foreign Affairs article by Kenneth Waltz and the arguments he presents. His essay, "Why Iran Should Get the Bomb," is very convincing, if a little academic, and is based on observed historical data surrounding the behaviors of nations before and after they have gone nuclear. I highly recommend reading the article in its entirety before dismissing it out of hand.

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So I get two thumbs down for my comment above. I'm guessing those two haven't read the Foreign Affairs article themselves... : )

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