What is ethical animal research?

By Lana Ruvolo Grasser and Rachelle Stammen

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Very complete and well explained article that explains the need for animal experimentation and how it is regulated and checked so it is conducted ethically.

Researchers are working tirelessly to replace animals for experimentation, after all doing things in flasks and plates is easier, faster, cheaper and obviously more ethical, but unfortunately this is an effort that is still a long time from reaching a point where no animal have to be used. At this point using animals is the only way to get results that can be applied to humans with a minimum of safety and efficacy.

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In fact, since 1985, the number of animals in research has been reduced by half.

Not very encouraging really, since animals were being used with abandon at that time. But this is the US, where animal rights and concerns for their welfare are relatively well advanced, if not as much as many European countries. I cannot imagine the situation in China, Russia or even Japan. This story, like the situation with the meat industry, never makes it to the news or public consciousness in Japan.

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There is no single standard definition of ethical animal research.

There is,

No animal research.

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There is,

No animal research.

Do you understand the concept of "definition"? it does not mean personal opinion

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Do you understand the concept of "definition"?

Seems you don't.

it does not mean personal opinion

Really! The irony.

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Seems you don't.

Where is then a reference where your comment is given as a definition of ethical animal research?

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