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What makes people willing to risk their lives to save others?

By Frank T McAndrew

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Honestly, you cant evaluate this with science!

either love or conviction. Some were blessed to be born like this, some were blessed to grow to become like this, some were blessed to learn on mistakes and change. Either way, its all the form of blessing so applying science is useless and diminishes the value of the deed.

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Like the fight or flight response, it is difficult to predict how an individual will respond in a given situation. For instance, I remember reading about both men and women who evaded the police corridor at Uvalde in order to go into the school to try to rescue their children/grandchildren, despite being unarmed.

Like most others, I have no idea why the police did such a poor job at Uvalde. It rather puts the lie to the proposition that our schools would be safer if they all had an armed guard on station. How is one armed guard going to do the job that dozens of armed policemen failed to do?

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Some of y'all act like you'd be Rambo (or maybe 乱暴) even if you were an insufficiently trained police officer facing a kid with a military grade rifle, an intent to kill, and a willingness to die.

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