What would 'Lyin' Ryan' Lochte do? Run away


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He's such an embarrassment and a disgrace.......slow too.

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What a true disgrace to all sport. Lies and then fleeing the country like a coward. It's very generous that the Rio Police aren't coming down hard on these drama queen liars, but the US should man up and slap with a cowardice charge, unless of course they condone this disgraceful behaviour.

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Weird and unnecessary. Worst of all, boring.

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There is a slight possibility that the IOC could strip Lochte of his medal for illegal and unsportsmanlike conduct in the host country during the games, and an extremely remote likelihood that the entire U.S. swim team could lose their medals (according to one source on IOC precedent).

Even though those outcomes are extremely unlikely, Phelps and the other members of the U.S. swim team should be furious at Lochte for harming the team's otherwise stellar reputation and putting their wins in jeopardy.

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When I finally heard the truth come out, first thing that occurred to me is, "What an ass.".

Glad they're lie got caught out, but if he had any respectability left he should apologize like the Brazilian PR department is asking for him and his group instigated the whole mess to begin with. He is an embarrassment. Frat boy mentality or something? Not that Brazil hasn't got it's problems, but don't concoct something up because you and your crew were caught doing something very stupid!

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but the US should man up and slap with a cowardice charge, unless of course they condone this disgraceful behavior.

Of course the US finds that behavior reprehensible! But that's on Lochte, NOT the US if the Olympic committee wants to take action they should, but the country is not responsible for this idiots behavior!

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the smart thing seems to be to hire a lawyer and maybe apologize from the States.

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It seems that no one is interested in the 3 minutes or so of the film from the gas station which included, I suppose, some rather negative footage of the 'security guards' pointing a gun at the swimmers. If the $53 they took was for repairs of the toilet, that was never discussed by the authorities. I find it rather shallow to jump to a conclusion before all or most of the facts are on the table. Lochte obviously made a mistake in his reporting of the incident but I'd feel a lot more comfortable if I really knew what happened at the gas station, i.e. see the entire tape.

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What's on TV news in Brazil today: Lochte and another swimmer had a night with two Brazilian girls and got late to meet their girlfriends, so Lochte came up with this utopic story to cover up his night out. They vandalized a gas station and were forced to pay the damages by the security staff. Actually, being in Brazil, if comes to TV and apologizes - telling he made it up trying to save his relationship - Brazilians will understand. Despite that it seems that his American girlfriend has already broken up with him.

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He should go after the Democrat ticket (Congress or Senator) in New York then work his way up to President of the United States. --At least that is what Hillary Clinton did and she did absolutely nothing for upstate NY (a true carpet-bagger).

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He made an "apology" on twitter, but insists on the "I got robbed at gunpoint" story. He should at least be kicked out of the US Swim Team.

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the smart thing seems to be to hire a lawyer and maybe apologize from the States

He doesn't need a lawyer until Brazil attempts to extradite him.

He should apologize immediately. If not for himself -- which he should, if he wants to swim competitively again -- then for his team mates and for the US. Three of his team mates are still in Brazil, and cannot leave until they get their passports. That is enough reason.

Even more, he should apologize for the US. He is an US Olympic Athlete! He represents America, and is doing poor job at the moment. If he doesn't feel any responsibility as a representative of the US, he shouldn't go to the Olympics in the first place, because it is not about him. Its about Team USA!

A real apology is really a no brainer. We'll see if he really has no brain, as it appears at the moment...

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A liar only strengthens his defects. It doesn't teach anything, help anything, fix anything, or cure anything, nor does it develop character, one's mind, one's heart, or one's soul.

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