When all else fails to explain American violence, blame a rapper and hip-hop music

By A.D. Carson

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“To much of white America,” Kiersh wrote, “rap means mayhem and bloodletting.”

Rap has also been called "the CNN of the inner city".

Reporting on the racist drug war and the economic disenfranchisement that is disproportionately felt by American minorities.

This Tipper Gore stuff is old.

There is so much more to hip hop like MF Doom, Immortal Technique and Japanese artists like the late great Nujabes.

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I'm sure these White mass assassins are DEEP into rap and hip-hop and Black culture...or maybe Bieber is to blame for their disgust with Humanity...

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So what is this saying , That the majority of USA citizens are that unintelligible that they can be influenced by a unintelligible poem/rap song ? And this is the only reason for mass execution shooting of USA citizens and their children. Yeah, I agree with that.

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Over 400 years of white violence against African Americans from slavery to Jim Crow to discriminatory housing and red-lining by banks, gratuitous police violence against African Americans sanctioned by the courts and then whites want to blame African Americans for the violence depicted in rap. Whites have mistreated African Americans at every turn in US history and continue to do so today but any violence in the African American community is harshly condemned and in the minds of some "proof" of the inferiority of African Americans. What a sick world we inhabit.

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That the majority of USA citizens are that unintelligible

Before you criticize the majority of Americans' intelligence you might want to work on that "intelligibility".

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Yeah. Billy the Kid, John Dillinger, and the Dalton gang loved rap.

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Rappers? Modern day urban folk singers? or ill mannered blacks swearing over a 1970's back beat?

Mr Kipling prefers the originals so often "sampled". But does it inspire mass shootings? I doubt it.

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When all else fails to explain American violence, blame a rapper and hip-hop music

Rapper and hip-hop music. Pff, what a bunch of nonsense.

Everybody knows video games are to blame. (#sarcasm)

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This idea is only part of the problem, but to totally disregard it is also in error.

Try Googling Rap Singers from Jacksonville Florida, and do some reading of what they Rap about. I'll let you figure it out, if you're "Intelligible"

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In regard to the case of Willie McCoy, what the article here conveniently fails to note is that he was indeed in possession of a handgun, in illegal possession thereof, and had been arrested for kidnapping and human trafficking...If this had been Japan, it is highly unlikely that he would have been shot, and it is most regrettable that he was killed instead of being brought to justice. But then America is not Japan...The police must deal with some very bad people in very bad situations...

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Johnny Cash sung, “I shot a man in Reno/Just to watch him die”.

When will we finally have the courage to ban country music for its violent messages?

Oh, wait, I’m just getting news… turns out white people like Johnny Cash, so him singing about murder is fine.

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John Cash can get away with singing about murder. American cops can murder a rapper asleep in his car.

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Obviously, I'm the only here who doesn't think rap is music.

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