When technology bites back


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Technology doesn't bite back. It's a mindless, intangible, abstract concept. Trying to attribute to it traits of animals only makes you sound like you don't understand it.

All your examples attempt to place blame for errors on technology when mostly they are the results of human error, be they bus drivers not taking the time to figure out their routes or not paying attention to the conditions of the road, idiots angering dangerous animals and then playing with their phones instead of paying attention to said dangerous animals, or not paying attention to the train they were driving. Technology doesn't make people do stupid things, stupid people just try to blame their mistakes on technology to escape the blame.

After being led down the wrong path by other users, Tay’s tweets ranged from support for Nazis and Donald Trump to sexual comments and insults aimed at women and blacks.

Let's remember that there are real people (like the Donald Trump this bot was tricked into supporting) who make sexual comments and insults at women and blacks all the time. Technology didn't make it happen, it's been happening since well before technology was technology.

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In every instance posed by this article, the technology did exactly what it was supposed to. It was the humans who caused their own predicament. A better title would have been "Morons who don't know how to use technology get their just desserts."

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@katsu78 @Larry Woodworth Couldn't have said it better....or even as good.

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The article's author would be wise to take the time to think about what they are writing, The content of this article was just plain juvenile.

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When I was twelve years old, right when the Atari 2600 was becoming obsolete, and our new electric garage door opener would open all the garages on the block when used, I came across a strange book at a yard sale called " Future Shock", by Alvin Toffler. The tittle is self explanatory ( like culture shock ) and it was written in 1977 I think. I have never met anyone else who has read this book and it never occurred to me until reading this today to ask if any one has. Using the Internet, responding to an essay about the limits of technology was just to much to pass up. Has anyone read it?

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