When texts suddenly stop: Why people ghost on social media

By Royette T Dubar

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Being ghosted sucks. A face to face break up is better but even a short text with some kind of explanation at least brings a little clarity rather than ghosting. But I’m a hypocrite because I’ve ghosted women in the past. For people who don’t like confrontation, sometimes it’s easier to cut off all communication. If a girl starts crying in front of me telling me she loves me, I’d probably cave in even though I’m not into her and that just makes things worse.

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That's ridiculous

Sometimes people don't check or see the message notifications.

Can't just generalize and say it's always ghosting.

Truth is not everyone walks around all day with their phones glued to their heads or anxiously awaiting notifications of a message or text.

Not everyone uses social media to connect .

Some choose only email

I know people that don't own cellphones or use email at all.

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Going from being a valued friend/ lover/ both or something to being cast aside like so much detritus is incredibly painful.

No one with a shred of decency should do it in the absence of abuse or danger.

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I had an acquaintance who decided to include probably everyone in his phone in a group text so he could make a running commentary on a vacation trip. My phone was blowing up in a business meeting as every text from every person, and his response to every person, was a reply in the group text.

Sometimes people deserve to be ghosted.

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I got ghosted by my Japanese penpal recently. Weve been chatting on Line since 2018 about different things, nothing much serious or too often but I was glad to have that bond with a nice person from my beloved Japan but when the war started that person suggested I come to Japan as a refugee or even marry them, I said I cant marry them since the only person I love in this wirld is my neko! And this was the end of our long term penpal friendship. It makes me sad but the person never replied.

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