Why are nuclear weapons so hard to get rid of? Because they're tied up in nuclear countries' sense of right and wrong

By Thomas E Doyle II

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Quite frankly, if you get rid of yours, and it turns out that the other nations (your adversary’s) have not, you are now checkmated.

Nuclear weapons will never be got rid of because we are humans with selfish natures.

More likely they will become obsolete in the future as we now have something even more powerful.

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Country A: Hey B, did you get rid of those nukes like I asked?

Country B: Sure did "fingers crossed behind back"

Country A: Okay, I'll get rid of mine too "slight grin"

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Unfortunately unlike the author of the article, both posters above have hit the core nail upon the head. The only course to nuclear weapons reduction and hopefully eradication is through multilateral disarmament, their comments demonstrate simply and clearly why the fantasy of unilateral disarmament will always fail. Unfortunately the road to multilateral disarmament is hard and strewn with distrust not least when you have lunatics like Poo tin threatening to use them on a non nuclear neighbour. Fat boy in NK is a special nightmare case.

None of which means we shouldn’t keep trying.

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