Why are so many big tech whistleblowers women?

By Francine Berman and Jennifer Lundquist

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Because they get help from government, fast tracking them for propaganda purposes, as their testimony can be used as an excuse to crack down on internet services. Tech whistleblowers can appear in front of congressional committees and Parliamentary committees in weeks. Julian Assange was less lucky. Blow the whistle on Swiss banking fraud and they will pursue you though the courts for years. It's all politics.

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A stupid discussion, because it’s obvious, if you are only merely involved and don’t invent and produce tech things for a living (in significant numbers / of course you can find a few talented women here and there) then on average remains only working with tech media publishers and other tech whistleblowing. In addition you need those certain advantages , let’s say it diplomatically, beauty, open mind and sociability, to get in contact with those tech leaders and get from them the newest informations, and that pre-stage kind of honey-trapping is what only women have and can.

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