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Why are so many robots white?

By Mark Paterson
Image: Evgenia Tsvirko/iStock

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This reads like Sokal 3.0.

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Count me as one supporting the notion of keeping robots – all robots - identifiably robotic with a metalic shine, rather than coated in some humanesque- skin-like material. For me it comes down to ease of quick identification, combined with societal clarity and acknowledgment early on, about who is a sentient being with feelings and rights, and what is a machine that can be turned off, without fear of being hauled into some kind of a International Court of Machinery Rights.

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Woke has crept into robotics.

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I think they should all be Fuchsia pink..............so there.

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Cheapest color to manufacture, just like cars.

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Why are so many robots white?

Refrigerators and other kitchen appliances have been white for years. Is my dishwasher racist?

Cheapest color to manufacture, just like cars.

Exactly and white goes with every other colour.

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White is right?

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Oh please, non-diversified mobile machine learning, artificial "life" that fails at the first hurdle the manufacturing process is deemed to "white".....

Don't fret the trans/rainbow/drag queen/how dare you very much/plug me in "guess my pronoun" version will be online without the need for a panel of diversity professional to produce a report.

Technology, can you believe it, bigoted by design.

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if you somehow feel you associate with a servant robot more simply based on it's "skin" color then you've got some real problems.

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Making a slave robot of color is more problematic in my opinion.

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Robots are inherently racist now, are they?

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Caucasian people are not really white colored, implying so is blatantly racist. Even albino Caucasians are not as white as the plastic used in manufactured items. A non-issue formulated by over sensitive morons!

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