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Why choice of running mate matters more than usual this year


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We all know Biden can not mentally survive a 4 year term so who ever he picks as VP will be the next POTUS. And I wish he would choose someone based on qualifications and not gender and/or race. A Dem not being chosen because they are white or male is racist and sexist in my book.

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Yep, clearly political correctness getting in the way for sure.

I mean going out & saying you will exclude men is highly discriminatory from the get go. And now any woman picked will ALWAYS be a question mark as it if they were qualified enough & simply the right gender, I dont see this really helping women in the long term.

In order for these things to really work it should stay organic, natural, merit based in order to REALLY progress, we will see I guess.

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I'm not really a Biden fun...but with all the ongoing issues in the US...corruption, incompetence of 45, deaths to name a few, American is in dire need for REAL leadership. And considering Biden's age, he should pick a VP who is capable and can take over right away in case something happens....

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The debates should be fun. Biden will get his ass handed to him by President Trump.

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Trump certainly hasn't survived mentally over the past four years. Totally Troppo Trump. Biden never wanted to run but feels he has to because he knows he can help bring more of the country together than TTT could ever do. Anyway, Biden has already said he'll be a transition POTUS so he knows who to pick for VP.

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Like President Trump or not, calling him names will not win the left any votes. It actually pushes people to him because they hate the irrational mentally unstable baggage the left carries. I didn't vote for him in 2016, I voted for Johnson since I believe Hilary was a worse chose than President Trump. Watching him work and seeing through all the media lies, that man has earned my vote. Did I mention I'm a minority? :)

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If Joe Biden was never motivated for high office, President of the United States of America, the big chair, with all the authority and responsibility that entails, then Joe Biden is a poor and under the circumstances reckless choice of candidate.

If this is the case, Joe Biden should step aside.

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"Why choice of running mate matters more than usual this year"

Think T. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, Lyndon B. Johnson. et alia... solidly in the second tier of America's worst POTUSs, all. Only Wilson and trump occupy the first tier. Roosevelt threw the 1912 election to Wilson under the intimidation of J.P. Morgan who would have impoverished him had he not done so. Truman needs NO introduction other than tool of the psychopaths who tested their bombs on Japan and then sacrificed thousands of unprepared Americans in Korea. Johnson was 100% responsible for the murderous debacle of Vietnam and the little known USS Liberty betrayal of our Navy.

Looking at Biden and trump, we clearly are going to be electing two serial POTUSs whoever wins. When trump's decline can no longer be hidden, or Biden takes a final sigh, we would have President Pence which seems even worse (if possible) than trump has been, or, President ? who we do not know yet. The one thing we DON'T NEED is a PROSECUTOR, the most notoriously psychopathic type in all of the DSM-V. We need either the most intelligent and organized and experienced person available (which, of course, is Beth Warren) or a seasoned diplomat who might help restore America's world image from the shameful picture trump paints for the World of our COMMUNITY, America. The rate of people relinquishing their American citizenship has never been higher and is climbing...and so is our rate of suicide. I'm glad I'm old and my apologies to our young people of the World, we have screwed you...

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I have a note that Kamala Harris has been announced as Joe Biden running mate-ette

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