Why do people talk, text and tweet at cinema?


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The google generation

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They also bring their pets with them. The me, me, me (and to hell with everybody else) generation.

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pets? to a theater? hehehe absolutely no common sense.

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Why do people say text instead of email and why does anybody tweet at all?

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Because they're idiots?

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Definition of "idiot":

"Someone who does something I don't or doesn't do something I do. Also, someone who thinks in a different way to me."

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Why do people talk, text and tweet at cinema

Because they are selfish and have no concern for others around them.

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I hate people who do that. Geez, you paid good money to watch a movie, just like I did, so show some consideration jacka** and TURN OFF your phone. I seriously wish theaters would block signals while inside the movie room itself, if fricken parents want to text the babysitter they can go to the lobby and connect.

You go the movies to get out of your normal life, don't bring it in with you for the 1.5-2 hours you and everyone else paid for to escape it!

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By that definition, you would be? ;)

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In japan i wait for the blu-ray to come out, 2 movie tickets cost as much as a new DVD/blu-ray, i can watch it at my leisure, without dealing with obnoxious people.

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I don't think people are all that bad in Japanese theaters, even with their intense attachments to their phones. I've noticed that western countries have leapfrogged the Asian countries in terms of overuse of their mobile devices. Sometimes I can't have a conversation with my gaijin friends without them whipping out their iPhones to dig more information on our conversation topic/settle a point of contention/show me a picture or song. And if I turn my head away for more than 2 minutes, I find them on Facebook/emailing/playing games. People with iphones are the new hikikomori!

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I am posting this comment from a movie theater.

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It's just an ego thing

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Perhaps because the movie sucks?

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If the movie sucks, leave. If you have to talk, go outside. If you cannot be out of contact, don't come in the first place. The rest of us paid good money to enjoy the movie.

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Stranger in a Strange Land: The term originates from radio telegraphy, I believe, and in many nations regular telephones have been able to use SMS (not the same meaning as today, really) to send brief text messages between fixed lines and devices. Originally emails (text messages) could only be very short and not include photos or what have you, and messaging from computers to cell-phones and vice-versa was limited and complex (hence it always bounced back or came out in 'bake-moji' if received).

One more factor is that I think Japanese phones, with the introduction of the SMTP system (started with Skymail, I think, then was quickly adopted by i-mode) Japan was kind of an exception to the rule -- it was not SMS messaging it was literally 'email'. Hence while in Japan you could send sha-mail and access a rudimentary 'internet' phones in other nations could still only SMS each other with literally just text (another reason why the Blackberry skyrocketed in popularity when it came out). So, in Japan it was literally 'email' while in other nations it was 'text'. Even until around 2005 or 2006 most Japanese phones didn't have an SMS option that I recall for phones that used SMTP, and now I'm still not sure when my iPhone gives me a dozen options of what kind of message I can send. I know if I want to get messages to some of my friend's older phones in other nations I have to use SMS.

Anyway, something like that. I may be WAY off, though.

As for in the movie theatres, I think talking on the phone is unforgivable, but I don't see the problem with someone quickly checking or sending email (text), especially if it could be important. I've done it when bored with the movie at hand, though I tried to shield the lighting as much as possible.

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Stranger in a strange land: In any case, as I meant to mention, the fact of the matter is that the words 'text' and 'texting' have been adopted in more nations that 'email' (in fact, aside from Japan and SK, I think, I don't know many if any nations that use 'email' to describe sending/receiving from phone to phone), and in a lot of cases calling it 'email' would actually be incorrect.

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Never mind Stranger. He's a bit out of touch with reality and all that goes on in this day and age (just kidding). Just because things happened in the 70s doesn't mean they still do etc LOL

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Right up there with people who bring their cell phones out on the golf course.

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I use to as a kid hate adults with beepers on call for work, now i just don't go to movies. I just wait. Thou I do think they should put in cellphone jammers, if your on call for work or waiting for something big that day or week just postpone it common sense would dictate you wouldn't want someone spitting spitballs at u at the movies nor do people want to see glowing lights n side noises not part of movie all very annoying. just lobe a spitball at a cellphone user

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Having done the 24/7 callout routine and need to be at the office within 20 min, I can feel for those guys/gals. It really does impact your life as well as your social one(GF, etc), not many willing to put up with it. And, yes, that includes rather personal times too.

But I got no feelings for the people that can't forego their personal life's and see a cinema as the same as their living room.

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Forgot to add.

24/7 callout is in addition to the 9-5 grind, worked many days without any sleep prior.

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All would be helped if people actually knew how to use their cell phones and set it to dim screen and shut off all those unnecessary flashy bulbs and noisy beeps.

Back when they insisted everyone shut their phones off, I was one of the advocates for setting the phone to vibe instead and was happy to see that become part of the message. But it is certainly true that some people just cannot handle the responsibility of having a cell phone in a theatre. They should get one warning from staff and next offense should result in them going out the door.

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No manners... parents needed to stop treating their kids like friends or young adults and educate them on life.

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Pardon me, people still go to movie theatres?

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Ah so this is why Hollywood lately is getting worse with a focus more on 3-D or special effects than - STORY!!

The younger generation who apparantly frequent the cinema most are dictating to Hollywood movie studios what films to make....

Hollywood blows.

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I hate 3D... it doesn't make the movie any better... a story is a story... it's just a marketing thing to sell more TV's and movie tickets...

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This is why Aladdin was the last movie I saw at a theater and I probably won't set foot in one till the end of my days.

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