Why improvisation is the future in an AI-dominated world

By Rich Pellegrin

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Btw…They’ve even just these days ‘completed’ Beethoven’s 10th symphony, using an AI plus human hybrid approach, giving as input the few original fragments the real Beethoven wrote before death, and in addition his other works and also composing styles of that former time using other pieces from other composers of that time. I couldn’t listen to the performance yet, but I’ve heard from others, the AI composed result is still more average and lacks quite a bit of emotional and musical or symphonic highlights, meaning the result is surely technologically stunning and astonishing, but still not at all a typical ‘Beethoven’s’. Of course, it’s only one and the first version of unlimited possible ones. Other people would feed other input data , samples and bias parameters into the AI, so another attempt for ‘Beethoven’s 10th symphony’ could be completely different or much better or even worse. We don’t know it…

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In an AI dominated world, machines may decide that humans are superfluous.

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While we humans obsess over the threat AI, the natural environment and bio-diversity are threatened with an Anthropocene holocaust that could result in a self-inflicted "Final Solution" for mankind (and robots, to boot).

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