Why is Taiwan excluded from the WHO?

By Amber WANG

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Taiwan belongs in the WHO just as much or more than the nation that brought us both SARS outbreaks and COVID-19.

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As long as Taiwan and Palestine are not full members of the UN, its concept and purpose is a friggen joke on this matter. The cherry on top is Saudi Arabia in charge of human rights. How my guitar gently weeps.

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The fact that there are only 15 minor nations - no offense intended - who recognize Taiwan, says a lot about how much China controls the world. It's appaling how the freedom-parading-home-of-the-brave-bully that is the US only has enough bravery to impose trade-sanctions to harmless Venezuela, but not China who actively pose threats to the US.

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In the last few weeks Australia, Canada, Japan and New Zealand have joined the US in publicly calling for Taiwan to be given observer status at the WHA.

That has infuriated Beijing. It has accused Western governments of using Taiwan as a wedge issue to distract from their own shortcomings in fighting the outbreak.

Australia and New Zealand really can’t be accused of trying to distract from shortcomings in fighting the outbreak.

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When the WHO was worrying about upgrading the crisis to a pandemic or not, Taiwan had already banned flights from China-thousands of Taiwanese got to keep their lives!

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And Taiwan has done a great job, despite being on its own. No new cases for the past 10 days. 7 deaths in total, and fewer than 50 active cases, all the while being right next to the mainland.

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Why is Taiwan excluded from the WHO?

Chinese Communist Party.

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