Why Muslim countries are quick at condemning defamation – but often ignore rights violations against Muslim minorities

By Ahmet T Kuru

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At least they do not have a made up deity and caste system

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At least they do not have a made up deity

Are you sure about this?

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Are you sure about this?

All human deities are made up. If any of them accurately describe a real deity, it's only through coincidence.

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Caste system, though originally a Hindu construct, is today not exclusively restricted only to the Hindus in South Asia.

Even monotheistic religions like Islam and Sikhism which originally believed (on the surface) in the equality of all have allowed many elements of the caste system to creep into their religions.

And today, the caste system is perpetuated more because of politics than anything else, and in reverse. Those categorised as lower castes by the Indian constitution get substantial benefits like reservation in government jobs and promotions, so much so the folks from castes which were traditionally considered ‘higher’ in hierarchy also now want to be counted among lower castes.

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I generally watch with amusement when folks who have nothing better to do react with outrage over perceived insults to their religion.

Religion should exist to make people emotionally mature and responsible but it seems to work in the opposite manner in most people.

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Are you sure about this?

No one knows for sure.

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Sadly, Muslims do not have the market cornered on hypocrisy. It seems to be a pretty common human characteristic.

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Most sources I've come across say that Aisha was just six years old when she was betrothed to Muhammad, himself in his 50s, and only nine when the marriage was consummated....They have a specific name for that where I come from and this is probably the reason we still see so many "marriages" with child brides in those nations (and secretly in western countries too). It's also the same reason why the criminal activity of those men in western nations has a specific flavor. It goes way beyond "lolicon", it's deeply ingrained in their religion and many feel entitled to it, so I don't understand when Westerners act surprised after such tragedies are committed in their "civilized" neighborhoods by those men. Thats' who they've always been.

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If you are not a Muslim then you are de facto ‘2nd class’ and not worthy of any real respect.

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The Fact is Aisha was 12/13 because she wore a berka. This is why berkas were wore and made a strict Islamic law. To conceal the age of the bride to be. What I am told and believe is girls are married then place in the living Quarters with the other wives. In the next 5 years these girls are educated and until then the wives allow the girl or women by then to be bedded. Like they don't get married at 13 and start having intercorse. But when people don't bother to research that when these westerner believes take off.

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