Why Roe v. Wade's demise – unlike gay rights or Ukraine – isn't getting corporate America to speak up

By Alessandro Piazza

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An interesting topic, Roe v. Wade. Even in the states where the Republican statehouses are revoking the right to an abortion, most of the people in those states are still in favor of allowing a woman to choose. The GOP legislators, however, are very careful not to let the voters decide. If they dare put abortion rights on the ballot for the voters to choose, they are afraid they will lose the battle.

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But, corporate America is speaking up. Many large companies have made very public announcements that they will pay for employees located in anti-abortion states to travel to free states that allow abortion, if they need to have one.

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Yes, big business will pay for abortions. Why?

a)capitalist companies are deeply moral

b) killing babies is cheaper than maternity leave?

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For one thing, gay rights are constitutionally protected.

Abortion isn't.

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Well, screaming for the right of an adult to kill a baby doesn't really make you look that groovy, does it?

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