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Why tensions are rising over Taiwan


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The Republic of China also known as Taiwan supported the US during the Southeast Asia conflict. We used their bases to supply and refuel our Forces.

I am calling on all American veterans who served in Taiwan to go back and volunteer their services and experience in support of that bastion of democracy and freedom

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Tensions are probably rising because the US needs a new wedge issue after the genocide narrative proved to be a false one. Taiwan is the pawn for that issue, whether they want to be or not. Maybe they will cycle back around to Tibet again if this one doesn't work.

Practically speaking, I don't see China staging anything resembling an armed invasion of Taiwan. It would cost a lot and gain them very little in the region they don't already have. The only way that is going to happen if Taiwan actually tried to claim independence, and that is very unlikely. There is almost no domestic interest in doing that. Ironically there is probably more support for that stance outside of Taiwan but only as a means to "stick it to China", they don't actually care about Taiwan at all.

Basically for every party involved, keeping the status quo remains the best option. Outside of some crazy nationalist moves from one of the parties, I don't think we will see any upset to the balance.

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I suspect that tensions will be manageable until China matches, and then eclipses, American military power in the 2030s. The Chinese have accepted the reality of their inferior military position up until now, but when they are powerful enough to successfully challenge the West over Taiwan, they may expect us to back down.

This is just one more issue facing the world that we don't need. Seems to me that China should tolerate Taiwan's independence, but that is just my view. If Beijing wants re-unification, it would be nice if they could entice the Taiwanese with a shining example of how wonderful China is under their dictatorship, but is that likely?

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Tensions are rising due to America's "Pivot to Asia."

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Tensions are rising due to America's "Pivot to Asia."

The view from Kitty-Land.

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You can support the Republic of China’s (Taiwan) Independence and sovereignty by boycotting all exports from China. By doing so you’ll also be supporting your own locally made products and industries. The bottom line is to support the citizens of Taiwan and their right to self-determination and freedom. Don’t let Taiwan become another Hong Kong, Tibet and the Uighur Territories.

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Tensions are rising because Xi is trying to flex his muscle at home, because China's military is getting more advanced, and because China is increasingly going rogue on the world stage. They're unlikely to do anything about Taiwan itself, but it's good that the world is pushing back against the tinhorn despotic regime that is China.

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The real reason is always trouble at home.

Xi Jinping changes are getting counteracted by counter-revolutionaries inside the party, Taiwan is just a scapegoat.

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Iron Lad:

On the contrary, China is doing well. Infrastructure is greatly improving. People lifted out of poverty. And yes, if you stopped listening to the propaganda from western media and actually go to places like Xinjiang yourself, you'll get a completely different picture. I dare you to go watch the videos posted by all the tourists and even Uighurs who live there. So-called journalists just see someone moving something or carrying something, and they call it forced labour. Then they changed it to cheap labour. Local videos have been copied, changed and given a completely different narrative. I remember one Uighur nurse couldn't hug her daughter because she was working on the frontline against covid. The western propaganda changed the context and made it look like the mother was in jail, unable to touch her daughter.

Make no mistake, USA is causing trouble because it sees a threat to American hegemony. It doesn't want to be overtaken, even though it is the only country with military all over the world and has started countless wars.

The vast majority of Taiwanese want the status quo. It means being able to just get on with life, as before, with the Chinese and Taiwanese doing great business.

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America's NED and Australia's ASPI is funding all this propaganda.

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@ Pukey2

Maybe 5 years ago but not recently, in this year alone China has:

anomaly weathers resulting in floods that killed hundred people

lack of coal that results in dark cities

lack of food/food rationing due to floods in summer

new regulations from central government that affect both socio-economic lives.

high speed rail being

There are big changes in China, and some chinese counter-revolutionaries are going to resist changes from Xi Jinping.

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anomaly weathers resulting in floods that killed hundred people

Anomaly weathers (whatever that means)???!!! China isn't the only country suffering from the affects of global warming. If it were, do you think we'd be having the COP26 meeting?

lack of coal that results in dark cities

Once again, you think China is the only one suffering? Have you seen the price of gas in countries like the UK?

lack of food/food rationing due to floods in summer

Really? News to me. What I do know is that shelves are sometimes empty in countries like UK again. And prices are going up.

high speed rail being

....great in China? In the last ten years, they've built the vast majority of all existing HSR in the world. At this rate, even India and Africa is going have a better HSR network than USA and UK. Build back better!

some chinese counter-revolutionaries are going to resist changes from Xi Jinping.

Maybe, but most have fled to London and are still looking for menial jobs. They were earning a lot in China and HK. And what changes are you referring to? Lifting people from poverty? How dare they.

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