Will Boston Marathon bomber's execution make him a martyr?


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No. It will make him dead.


Terrorists should be dead.

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His remains should be buried at sea. Give him an Islamic funeral, but make his corpse disappear after that. No body, no shrine. Erase Tsarnaev just as bin Laden was erased..

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Is it just me, or does anyone else agree that a "real" punishment would be to spend the remainder of his natural life in prison? Make the guy think about what he did. He is young, that may be a long time.

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It probably will make him a martyr to some, but that is no reason at all not to execute him. Terrorism is an attack on a state and should be treated as an act of war and its activists are essentially soldiers,in fact they often see themselves as such. It is rather usual for soldiers to be killed in war. So it is a fitting end for them. Mind you, as Kurubone says, in prison he would possibly suffer more either from other prisoners or depression or both. but then he might get an opportunity to commit suicide, and the US citizens would have been wasting money for the time he was alive.

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Yet the notes Tsarnaev scrawled inside that boat condemned U.S. actions in Muslim countries and asked Allah to make him a “shaheed,” or martyr.

Then why is he using his appeals? Can't he just waive them and be executed ASAP?

In this case there's not a shadow of a doubt that he's guilty. He admits it, the physical evidence shows he did it, and he wants to die.

As for all the terrorism and martyr rhetoric, save it for someone who cares, because all I see is a murderer. Let's avoid the fear-mongering idiocy for a second and ask the simple question, "What is best for society in the case of a unrepentant mass-murderer?". Even the most liberal should be able to answer that placing him in a locked cell with a nice supply of rope would be in the public's best interests.

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We are in the midst of a 1000 yr war that began on 911. The guy is a nobody and will soon be forgotten. A murderer w no remorse. Out out brief candle! The sooner the better. But looks like appeals will last until 2040.

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No. Executing him will not confer any sort special power to his memory. Terrorists are a dime a dozen.

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Make "IT" a martyr as soon as humanly possible, as long as it's D E A D !

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His actions don't warrant him the title of martyr, although other Muslims around the world face persecution and injustice.

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"death make him a martyr for the cause?"

What cause? The cause for maiming scores and killing children? That cause?

Martyr? "a person who is killed because of their religious or other beliefs: "saints, martyrs, and witnesses to the faith"

This delusional arrogant murderer hasn't any cause and earned his death penalty in violation of law without a shred of humanity.

His cause was to murder, his penalty death. He's not dying for anything, he's being killed as he was stupid enough to imagine killing children prompts some fantastical reward from the man in the sky.

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Isn't Guantanamo still open?

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Will Boston Marathon bomber's execution make him a martyr?

Who cares? Just pull the switch.

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Of course, it will. If he is killed by infidels during the course of his jihad, he is a martyr by definition. However, for our socities that is vastly preferrable than sheltering and feeding him for the rest of his long life at taxpayers expense and allowing him to prosyletyse lots of new jihadis. However, that is precisely what we can expect.

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NO, he is just a bad criminal against humanity. Do not beautify it.

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