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Will Romney's gaffes hurt his campaign?

By Michael Mathes

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No, because most americans have no interest in anything that happens outside of US borders. And secondly, in the sound bite world of US politics attention spans rarely exceeed 20 seconds. Most US voters will be swayed by the last thing they hear or see on TV before voting. Sad but true. Democracy in the US is a joke.

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Will Romney's gaffes hurt his campaign?

No. Because they were gaffes done overseas, and Merkins don't care what happens in that Europe country.

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Will Romney's gaffes hurt his campaign?

No as he is already known as someone who doesnt think before speaking, and having his foot in his mouth is expected from him now.

He is no threat to the presidency - just too dumb.

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Will Romney's gaffes hurt his campaign?

No. Most of us don't really care what Europeons or Canucks or South Americans (Aussies) think of us really. They can't vote in our elections.

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Not with me. He was never going to get my vote, and his amateurish efforts on this trip just confirmed that. Reminds me too much of George W. when it comes to foreign affairs.

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No, because unfortunately for some Americans being Anglo Saxon makes him good enough, I'm embarrassed as a US citizen to say it still matters during this new century.

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No, Americans care about 1 economy/jobs and 2 various social beliefs and rights like abortion, religions, long-haired rock stars.

Maybe they care about foreign policy when there is a war, 3.

However this level of ineptitude is worrisome. Absolutely no sense of diplomacy. The Israel thing was the worst, IMO. I can't imagine any self-respecting Jew liking what he said. Maybe someone voting on a level of "is he for us or against us" would be able to support him, but what he said was kind of rude and condescending to Jews/Israelis as well as Palestinians. And that's the kind of thing you NEVER say in public, even if it were true. No sense of decorum, appropriateness, diplomacy.

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There are far, far more Jewish votes in Florida than Palestinian and the Union rank and file do not seem to be lining up behind the Democrats, so.......no, I think it will help his campaign.

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No, because unfortunately for some Americans being Anglo Saxon makes him good enough, I'm embarrassed as a US citizen to say it still matters during this new century.

You should be embarrassed.

What arrogance to assume that anyone voting for Mitt Romney, is doing so based only on his race.

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I'm sure no American even knew he was out of the country. Americans care about the economy and protecting their right to bear arms.

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I'd go further and suggest that many americans don't realise there are other countries outside america. In a recent experiment 65% of 18 - 24 year olds could not find the UK on the map (can you belive that!!?) and the figure rose to 80% when asked to identify Israel. Who knows what it would be if they were asked to find PNG on the map.

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No, but his gafffes exposes the way this guy thinks and how he would handle foreign policy should he be elected president. Although the coments about the London Olympics can be seen as trivial and irrelevent, it tells a lot about what he's all about. His comments implied that he organized the Salt Lake City Olympics better, and that no one could do it better and flawlessly but him. He's all about proving that he's number one at everything. The way he ran Bain Capital is a testament to that. This is a very poor handling of the diplomatic relationships with Britain. Ironically, a few days earlier, a Romney spokesperson implied that Obama doesn't have the cultural understanding to maintain the good relationship with Great Britain's leaders ? REALLY?...and Romney does? Could have fooled me...probably everyone in GB hates him now, and very understandibly so.

And Israel was just a complete disaster. He couldn't have said anything worse than what he said. As president, he would have to effectively moderate and negotion with the Israeli and Palestinian governments make sure that both paries are getting a fair deal so that they can ultimately achieve peace. But the relality is, is that Romney has no direction or opinions, or any intention on helping Israeli-Palestinian relations. He just wants to apease his radical right crazies so that he get bigger campaign contributions. He has no goal for America. His main purporse for running for president is bend the laws so the he and his corporate buddies become richer by paying nearly zero taxes like Romney has for god knows how many years, while the rest of country pays 25-35% in taxes. Everything he says, every word out of his mouth is to appease his political base who are made up of mostly millionaires and billionaires. And his campaign is all about fooling the ignorant into voting for him by projecting his own party's insanity and incompetitence onto his opponent.

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@kurumazaka that it is, it's also the easiest way to unite a group of people : give them a common enemy and they'll do about anythng for the one who will protect them and they will mostly stop quarreling. Problem is the americans arent alone in this world, some of them dont seem to notice indeed @simondb but i dont think this goes for everyone just as it goes for about any country in the world, its a good thing radicalists are a minority anywhere, but it might not be such a good thing that conservationists seem to grow in number as the worlds population ages more and more on average. These are trying times . The mayans said it would be, maybe they weren't that far off about 'the end of the world' , maybe they just didnt mean it would downright explode, just change into the next one (id like to hope that since the alternative is more or less unthinkable ... world war ? separatism to the extreme ... i dont think that's a good thing)

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@ A Canadian

I'm sure no American even knew he was out of the country. Americans care about the economy and protecting their right to bear arms.

Right. Yeah. No one, no one knew Romney was in London. Virtual blackout by the media. And in our last presidential election Obama ran on his well-known expertise in economics. He won by telling Americans he was the guy who understood wealth creation. He promised he'd return us to prosperity ( a word he loathes), and that he would strengthen gun rights.

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Will Obama's gaffes hurt his campaign? Heck no!

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No, because unfortunately for some Americans being Anglo Saxon makes him good enough

Oh come on. It's 2012. Don't make a statement as accusatory as that unless you are willing to name the group you believe is supposedly guilty of voting for Romney cuz he is 'Anglo Saxon'.

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The fact that Romney thought he could upstage the president of the United States on the world stage, means that he's an idiot or his advisers are dumb. No matter how one feels about the sitting prez, he should have kept to business at home. Stateside gaffs are forgivable to an extent, but gaffs on the world stage are unforgivable. Begging for votes from the Jewish community is one thing, however insulting Great Britain in their moment of glory is STUPID 101. He should have just thanked them for their sacrifice in this stupid war his party started.

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Two weeks of gaffes from Romney. Nearly four years of gaffes from Obama.

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Mitt the Twit. Seems catchy.

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