With Australia-UK deal, Biden again shows China is paramount priority


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well of course. It is

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The last throes of an empire in decline

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According to this data from Brown University Watson Institute the US has spent $8 trillion on war since 2001.

That's $8,000,000,000,000.

With the Afghan money spigot now switched off the American military/industrial combine its turning its attention to China as the next source of its funding.

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Benjamin Haddad, director of the Europe center at the Atlantic Council think tank, said that Biden was showing "a kind of continuity with Trump's 'America First.'"

"The priority is competition with China. Everything else is a distraction," he said.

NO WAY! I thought Biden's mantra was "Everything Trump Did Was Wrong?" Remember when Democrats screamed they'd NEVER take Trump-era FDA approved they wonder why they can't get the job done with those still hesitating? Talk about a schizoid turnaround!

You mean the Chinese Tariffs Trump put on Chinese goods have yet to be repealed? You mean that a pivot away from Europe is also accelerating under Biden...just like it continued to do under Trump (and mostly theoretically under Obama's "Asian Pivot?")

Surely you all must be very disappointed at Biden for going along with SO MANY of Trump's actual successful policies....? lol. Better just to go back to your media-blinders of choice, since it is true that for those who don't want to know: Ignorance IS Bliss!

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Be nice if it could be true, but I think Biden will just screw it up like everything.

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Hello Kitty 321Today  08:00 am JST

The last throes of an empire in decline

Agree. Can't wait for the CCP to dissapear from the face of this Earth. Many Chinese people can't either.

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This preposterous notion that Joe Biden is a mirror reflection of Donald Trump America First policy is truly absurd.

They are politically chalk and cheese.

This deal was dead in the water, sunk without trace within six months of pen hitting paper.

French Naval Group were not remotely capable of following key contractual stipulations on costs and delivery.

What is left is playground political posturing.

Something Marcon is all to familiar with.

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The error not consulting the Government of Japan, Japan has the manufacturing capability to deliver on time.

It really does.

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Look another thought, no comments, so please allow me to embellish.

This is interesting, in the fact that Blinken listened and probably didn't for a moment agree with the response.

Germany and France, are prepared to fork tongue, there willingness to appease the Governments of China and the Russian Federation.

And yet in Germany case refuse to devote any increase in its military capability.

Biden took office declaring "America is back" and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, a French-speaking diplomatic veteran, devoted much of his early travel to Europe, a marked shift in tone from Trump's needling of NATO nations as freeloaders on U.S. security.

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The French Government has delivered a diplomatic slight suggesting the UK government is opportunistic.

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This is BULL!

Japan should have been offered this technology as well!

Japan is surrounded by major powers, we need any advantage we can get. Australia is small cakes compared to Japan, yet they are getting the biggest secrets America has released since 1950s when they did the same for their other White Brother UK giving them Nuclear Sub technology.

Japan is not even equal to Australia apparently.

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Be nice if it could be true, but I think Biden will just screw it up like everything.

He will, just give it time.

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China has been a priority for the military for over a decade. The new systems we see coming on line now aimed at deterring or if worse comes to worse defeating China in almost every case began their development a good ten to twelve years ago. I can say that with assurance.

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This is a long term project and as anyone who has ordered military kit from the US will know, it doesn't always arrived on time. Sometimes it doesn't arrive at all. And a couple of climate change summers or an election down the line, Australia may have other priorities.

For Japan, America's military pivot to Asia may not be good news. Japan has traditionally been allowed to be both US-facing and China-facing, maintaining a balance that suits it.

What does the US now want? A cold war that may isolate Japan from its neighbours, or something a bit warmer? Is Japan to be an American aircraft carrier, an American shield or an American airbag in a tense military hot spot?

Other areas that America has taken a military interest in, such as Africa during the Cold War, and the Middle East, have not exactly prospered as a result.

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As someone from the US, I can tell you this is all about cultural imperialism.

For decades, they (and the Five Eyes) used the markets and the internet to do it softly and quietly, pressuring any society or culture that differs from their ideals and laws to become like them.

Now they've gained enough support and brainwashed enough people with identity politics that they are tired of waiting and are willing to risk war to FORCE other cultures to change.

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