World making little progress on food waste, a big climate problem

By Leah Douglas and Nichola Groom

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All of our food waste which is skins, peelings used tea leaves etc, not uneaten or outdated food, is collected and taken to an anaerobic digester that generates energy and the digested remains sold to farmers to put on their fields. Ultimately while governments can facilitate, the solution lies in the hands of each individual who needs to take responsibility for their own actions.

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Like here in Japan where perfectly good food is tossed because it is odd shaped.

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Like here in Japan where perfectly good food is tossed because it is odd shaped

Agreed, it used to be nearly as bad in the UK but of late there has been a grass roots movement, highlighted by some prominent TV personalities to pressure and shame the major supermarkets who dominate the food supply chain in to selling less than perfect veg. I now buy this “imperfect” produce whenever it is available. I was brought up on fruit and veg from the garden and strangely enough some were a little less than the supermarkets definition of “perfect”.

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Buy what you eat, and eat what you buy. It's not rocket science.

I dispose of peelings in the compost bin. The odd bun that goes hard feeds the birds. And that is pretty much it. My food waste wouldn't fill a 35 gallon cart in a year.

Lazy people outsourcing their problems to the government is not the solution. Do you want your government to send someone round to do your washing up for you as well? Pathetic.

The only thing that reduces this is individuals behaving responsibly. And maybe making American fridges smaller, so they are not treated as extensions of grocery shops, to select food from.

Getting rid of BBDs isn't the best solution. UK supermarkets used to donate food near its BBD to food banks. Now they just keep on selling it, so the food banks are running short.

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We have a mandated trash can for things like leaves, and now have been told to put compostables into it, as well. Like the above poster said, we try to give appropriate waste to the wild animals.

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