Online communities pose risks for young people, but they are also important sources of support

By Benjamin Kaveladze

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Actually, such "communities" are a prime means by which terrorist organizations and other extremist groups recruit new members, a primary conduit for the spread of misinformation and disinformation, and a haven for cyberstalkers and criminals. Read "Going Dark" by Julia Ebner for a firsthand account by a journalist who infiltrated 5 such groups.

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I don’t think so. They only imply a kind of dangerous image , maybe to attract more or keep their members, but as they are the visible surface, they are easy to handle , manipulate into inefficiency and to observe or cancel. The real dangers are coming more often from intentionally hidden SNS or dark net groups or from single acting lone wolves and such, who are not using the internet at all.

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Keep away from TOR unless you like giving away your private life and passwords.

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