Osaka to host all-star concert on International Jazz Day


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I think its great that the Jazz festival is getting such good press!! A wonderful example of how Japanese do in fact open themselves to external cultures.

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I been to several Herbie Hancock concerts, I shall try to make this one too!

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Herbie's one of my favorites. Never got a chance to see him live, though - wish I were closer to Osaka for this.

@lanaloulane@gmail.com: Whoa. Such banger for a Friday... put on a Coltrane album and enjoy the weekend.

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...and of course I meant anger. lol...

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Phoned Osaka Castle Park tourist office because I think this is a free gig but they haven't received the info on the event?

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Please keep us updated if you find out, zichi - may be worth the shinkansen ride to check it out if it's free!

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The Original Wing

Please keep us updated if you find out, zichi - may be worth the shinkansen ride to check it out if it's free!

What I know so far. April 30th, 7pm, Osaka Castle Park. If its free gig then it will limit the numbers who can get in so might need some time for lining up.

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@ The Original Wing the first time I saw Herbie play was in Osaka in 1996/7 - I took a train down from Akita to watch him. I saw him several times in London too; the last time with Wayne Shorter. You should go!

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The festivities conclude with a free outdoor concert for up to 12,000 people in the park set against the backdrop of historic Osaka Castle. It will be live streamed worldwide.

The post has been updated. 12,000 will probably mean lining up early afternoon if you want to get in. otherwise find it on the net.

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