Play it again Sam

By Chris Betros

It hass been an epic last 12 months for Australian actor Sam Worthington. The 33-year-old has starred in “Terminator 4 Salvation,” “Avatar” and now “Clash of the Titans.”

“There is no real difference for me between a $4 million Australian movie and a $100 million Hollywood movie,” he said during a visit to Japan last week with “Titans” director Louis Leterrier. “It’s pretty much a crap shoot what I pick. Sometimes, the idea of doing a small movie without pressure appeals to me; other times, the idea of putting on a dress and going off to kill scorpions for six months in some exotic location is fun, too.

"The barometer for me is if it is a movie I would pay money to go and see. With blockbusters, though, the challenge is to put in the gravity and weight of a smaller film and make sure it is not overwhelmed by the special effects. Also, with bug-budget films, expectations are greater and more critics are after you. I’ve been very lucky to work with directors like James Cameron and Louis. They know where they want to go. As long as I trust my director, I’m OK.”

Worthington said that one advantage of his recent fame is a freedom of choice with movies. “However, having been in those big films raises the bar for me to give audiences the best, which is the most important thing for me. It also means that more people know my ugly head.”

“Clash of the Titans” is a loose remake of the 1981 film, about Perseus (Worthington), the mortal son of the god Zeus (Liam Neeson), who must save the Earth from the devil (Ralph Fiennes) and his minions. Worthington said he learned a lot from watching Fiennes and Neeson. “You just shut up and listen when they are on set. It was like a master’s class,” he said.

Before making the film, director Leterrier visited special effects legend Ray Harryhausen, who worked on the 1981 film. “He gave me his blessing to use CG instead of stop-motion and urged me to make sure the casting and story were strong and that the effects would be in the service of the story,” said Leterrier, who directed “The Incredible Hulk” in 2008.

“Clash of the Titans” is the latest film to be made in 3-D, but both Leterrier and Worthington emphasized that it is just another tool with which to tell a story. “Whether it is 3-D or 2-D, it doesn’t change what I do,” said Worthington. “But it does propel audiences into another world.”

Despite all the special effects, it was a grueling six months for Worthington. “I seemed to be the one who ended up with all the injuries. It would take a much shorter time if I just told you what parts of my body didn’t get hurt.”

“Clash of the Titans” opens in Japan on April 23.

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I still cant believe this guy was living in his car on the T4 casting call. Have seen him in a bunch of interviews and he is one of the most humble down to earth guys in Hollywood, very funny too. Clash looks a bit over the top but I will catch it online. This guy wouldnt think twice about having a beer with you in a dive bar, anywhere. One minute youre in the back of your car and the next my kid is pointing at you on a poster saying Daddy Daddy at USJ in Japan. (no I dont look like him)

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The new Clash of the titans is a piece of garbage. Don't waste your time. Stick with the original.

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"The new Clash of the titans is a piece of garbage. Don't waste your time. Stick with the original."

...not until we see the new one, i have seen the old one for how many times and sure i'm enjoying watching it, and i told to myself "i wish they will do a remake of this film now that we have all the genius technology in big screen"...and that wish came true and WOW!...Sam will do it...i can't believe with this guy since i saw him in "Bootmen"...he's a big star now...keep it up Sam!...just stay away from drugs...

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It looks good I will check it out. He's a good actor. I hope to see Avatar 2 the rRevenge of the Corporation Greed

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On a positive note for this wet Monday morning, the new Clash can be guaranteed to make you laugh. If it's not the afterthought 3D, making objects 'bubble' as the camera passes, or the lack of continuity, which constantly confuses, it will be the hammy acting, propelled by a dreadful script, that finishes you off. The 2D version may at least stop the nausea rolling on in during the more clumsily done 3D bits, as well as brightening up many of the desert scenes, which the 3D glasses dim down (not to mention weigh heavily on the bridge of one's nose). I suspect that the big names involved will hope that this hugely marketed film will be restricted to BBC 2 on Sunday afternoons asap. In a word: turkey.

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He stole the show in T4. I still can't believe T3 made more money than T4. It wasn't great, but WAY better than the 3rd one.

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kujiranikusuki: I didn't know that T3 made more than T4, but I can guarantee you that the people who saw both will probably all say T4 was lords above its predecessor, which was a piece of crap. I thought T4 was great until they brought in the CG Arnold towards the end (spoiler!).

Sam was good in T4, and good in Avatar as well. I will wait for the DVD of Titans because the remake looks like it won't be very good, whereas the original was epic.

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"Clash of the Titans"

Looks violent.

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T4 was a right ole dogs dinner

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saw it last night. Honestly, it sucked.

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