Playboy magazine reverses position; brings back naked women


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Obviously no illustration here on JT, though Forbes magazine had an illustration to go with the same story (which is pretty much the same words as the JT one http://www.forbes.com/sites/susannahbreslin/2017/02/13/playboy-is-naked-again/#ac5bae23389e).

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I thought most people just read it for the articles anyhow. Ahem.

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Porn mags are soooo passé! Didn't even know Playboy were still in business.

Unfortunately (and sadly) only voyeurs and/or deviant mags (tv personalities, stars, upskirt, fetish etc) can generate sales and attract pervs these days. Playboy is far too 'clean' in today's world, even a 12yo would laugh at us if we were giving him such mag ;)

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There is a difference between porn and art. Playboy photographers are artists.

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@msd, agree that nudes (photography, paintings, sculpures) can def be artistic. As far as I remember (am talking late 80s early 90s as a teen) playboy was not in this category. Quality pics but wouldn't call that art. It may have changed though.

imo if playboy wants to target amateurs of artistic nude photography they have to reinvent their brand.

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Lemme know when playboy does a Summer Brielle piece. She's quite a handful, and has a classic pair of bedroom eyes.(those tiny bags underneath you see in French girls) Devastating.

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I wondered how nudity could amount to anything in a magazine, since a bloke can see nudity at the click of a key. Then I read Dre Hund’s comment and a lightbulb went on. What if a magazine artistically examined and displayed interesting intricate subtleties of pulchritude, such as bedroom bags under eyes, or creases in follicle-less underarms, rather than showing oversized breasts and spread legs? I always loved looking at idol Tomomi Itano’s renegade eyetooth, as well as the little bags under her eyes, for example. I went into mourning when she got her tooth straightened.

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When Playboy tried to go without nudes, it was an admission that they were irrelevant in the age of free digital porn.

Playboy going back to nudes is an admission they don't know how to not be irrelevant, so they're just going to stick with what they know.

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There is a difference between porn and art. Playboy photographers are artists.

That's what we've always told our parents!

Penthouse on the other hand

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Playboy as a magazine is irrelevant. As a brand it still has some legs with people who have a memory of when the bunny ears signified some kind of glamour or sexual connotation.

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my first foray into light porn was Easy Rider magazine that my friend took from his brother's room that showed topless women on motorcycles. We hid deep in the woods marveling at the pics and hid the sacred edition under an old log.

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So you mean the articles are going to be overshadowed by pictures of naked women!!!!! And with the INTERNET does anyone still buy magazines?

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